Joyous Find… Auto-Tune The News (And The Gregory Brothers)

Someone check the definition for "brothers" please...

Someone check the definition for "brothers" please...

It’s been a short while since I’ve stumbled across something on the TripleDoubleU that’s compable of consuming massive amounts of my time.  Congrats to The Gregory Brothers for doing just that. 

(SIDENOTE: The group includes a sister, just like how it is with the Warner Brothers – Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, yet I suspect they are not really related, just like how it is with The Ramones.  But Kings of Leon are all brothers, which I didn’t initially believe, so who knows?  Sarah’s the sister-in-law, married to Evan, oldest brother of Andrew and Michael.  Boom!  Reasearch!) 

Together, they have encompassed a great portion of my weekend by being fantastic on so many levels.

First off – they are talented as all get up.  Not just a little get up, or a medium amount of get upall of it.

Second off – they’re funny as heck.  Okay, “heck” might not be as funny as the word “poop,” but I’m not putting that word in any sentence about them.  Erm…

Okay, so many levels that include only two, but they’re huge levels, right?

I found out about them through Warming Glow (thanks!) after a post showing this video:

Incredible, right?  It skewers auto-tuning, the news in general, and the current state of politics, and still manages to be a good song.  Not a classic song per se, but beyond textured for a comedy bit.

After watching the first four auto-tuned news reports on their YouTube channel Schmoyoho amongst other earlier outings, I dove into their Facebook and MySpace pages and was surprised to find they were serious musicians (I really like Butter On My Roll, but who am I kidding… it’s all great.).  That elevated their level of a shout out on this page from general to specific.  That doesn’t just happen for everyone.

Too bad the 25% of the band that’s “babe” is already spoken for.  I love women that can sing.  Sarah, if you ever get bored with Evan and are looking for a blogger that tries to be funny on a daily basis, comment on my site and I’ll respond!  Srsly, I will comment right back on this blog!  (Pourquoi est il que les amours m’échappe?)