Couldn’t Let This One Go

I used this pic in a post a couple days ago, but I don’t think anybody read it (if you did, thank you!).  I fear this formula I formulated possibly went unnoticed, so here it is again, this time accompanied by my screaming at the top of my lungs…



After all the above groveling, I don’t find the formula all that humorous anymore.  Hmm.

Happy Find… Turbo Heather X-Treme! (R/C Southern Belles)

Well I never!

That’s something Heather might have said if she was a talking doll.  Instead, she’s a radio-controlled Southern Belle that’s also available as a six mode blushing bride drifter.

The girls hug her!  The boys race her!

And she has a tornado of power under her dress, for Pabst’s sake!

(via Topless Robot)