In My Brain While Sleeping… I Know Now The Original Title For A Swayze/Reeves Classic, And You Can Too!

Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves… you’ve left this world too soon.  What?!  Reeves is still around?  Regardless, their pairing was dynamite, and a reunion could never hope to attain the level of spectacle and wonder that was 1991’s Point Break (directed by surprise!Kathryn Bigelow),

But did you know, according to the strange dream I had last night, there was a different title before it was released?


!00%! P!UR!E A!DR!!ENEL!NE!!!

!00%! P!UR!E A!DR!!ENEL!NE!!!

It was simply called !, like O or M or Q.  But how did they arrive at Point Break?  My dream went on to explain:

Originally, the film was titled with only an exclamation point, to build up anticipation for the excitement, but audiences couldn’t follow that logic, so then they were going to call it Exclamation Point, using the words rather than the punctuation.  But once again remember, audiences are dumb.  So someone suggested to “break” apart the exclamation point, and thus, Point Break was born*.

*In reality, this film went through several name and casting changes.  Matthew Broderick and Charlie Sheen were originally cast (imagine that!).  When Reeves became the lead, the title was changed to Johnny Utah.  Then when Swayze was attached it became Riders on the Storm.  Halfway through filming, Point Break was settled on.  Who’s to say it didn’t go down like it did In My Brain While Sleeping?

If The Hoff Can Unite Two Countries, What Can I Do?

A recent discussion at the bar prompted an exchange about what song can get a random alcoholic’s head bopping (and sometimes, toe tapping).  I proposed this ditty (not to be confused with Diddy, who as yet, has not sampled this song):

Another person at the bar whole-heartedly disagreed and brought up this tune as the great anthem:

RUFKM?  I barely remembered that song (although one can never forget David Hasselhoffmeister).  I argued it couldn’t qualify as a head bopping, toe tapper.  He had to remind me of this:
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