Happy Find… Just Watch This Apropos Of Nothing

I’m not even going to preface this video.  Well, aside from prefacing with this non-preface.

InASense, Lost… InASense, Confused… InASense, No Longer Hungry

This was originally going to be a simpler post.  A lackadaisical examination of Google’s search engine.  An uncovering of why any time you type in an actress’ name the second search result is her name +feet.  But then this happened:

And the Masters of the Microwave

I watched the original version in Italian on their website, and it confounded me.  I hoped the subtitled version would help… and… well… check it out for yourself:

Hibbidy-Wah?! Death First, Safety Second

This was featured in a bit on G4’s Attack of the Show, and they only showed a snippet of it.  The entirety is much worse.

According to YouTube user “eiflerb”:

This video was discovered by someone who used to work at a public library several years ago. This has not been edited in any way. This is 100% authentic.

No matter what, it’s fucked up.

Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? If The Cleats Fett, I Mean, Fit…

I don’t find it strange that fans of this team:

The Detroit Lions currently have a better record than the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls to our zero!

Are also fans of these college football teams:


Hail Sadism and Masochism!

I imagine that their viewing parties look a little bit like this:

Pictured: Boba Fetish, with Slave I and Sluttrooper

Hibbidy-Wah?! Olivia Was Munn-derful?!

It’s looking like the end of an era for G4’s Attack of the Show.  The (Self-Proclaimed?) Mayor of G4, Kevin Pereira, is probably going to be losing his co-host, Olivia Munn, officially to The Daily Show.

I am of course basing this on the fact that AOTS films in LA, while TDS films in NYC… and there’s the fact of the matter that she makes a pretty good correspondent:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My suggestion for Olivia’s replacement:

She could handle three shows, right?

The lovely and lilting Alison Brie has already charmed my heart, and when she’s been on AOTS in the past, she’s gotten along swimmingly with Kevin.

And speaking of swimming(ly), here she is in a bikini:

I wonder if I'd feel the same about Brie cheese?

Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Am I A Trendsetter?

As I (unabashedly) brought to your attention in my last Happy Find, I started another blog called Micro Mike Rowe.  I began that punny wonder on April 20th.

Then on April 26th, this bit appeared on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Enjoy Little Danson Man:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk?“, posted with vodpod

Hmm… my cut-and-paste craze is barely off the ground, and one screwball skit makes a trend not.

But then yesterday, on May 3rd’s Attack of the Show, apropos of nothing, co-host Morgan Webb appeared between segments as Tiny Morgan.  Alas there is no available clip of that, but this bit immediately followed it.  As (barely) proof, check out Kristin Adams opening for The Feed (or check this vid at the 2:54 mark):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Morgan Webb is much more fun to edit than Mike Rowe... Sorry, buddy...

Coinkydink?  Or Coinkydonk?  You decide…

In My Brain While Sleeping… A Fair Amount Of Skin, A Little Bit Of Aliens, And A Whole Lot Of Rapture

I’ve never read the book, Left Behind, nor saw the movie starring Kirk Cameron, but I currently would like to think it went something like this dream.  The references are many, so I’ll place them in parentheses to help you keep up.

Our pilots are Goofy.

Our pilots are Goofy.

While travelling back to her home in Australia aboard Mickey Mouse Airlines, the beautiful star of the hit television show Claire Voyant suddenly finds many of the passengers on her plane have disappeared.  Even the pilots!  Luckily, someone with experience playing flight simulators is present and successfully lands the aircraft.

(NOTES: The Australian actress was Carissa Walford, pictured below.  This past week she’s co-hosted G4TV’s Attack of the Show in Olivia Munn’s place, and she stole my heart, although not Olivia’s place in my heart.  Don’t fight ladies… there’s room.)

(BONUS FACT: I’ve loved Aussie accents since the days of Olivia Newton-John in Grease, so that’s two Aussie’s and two Olivia’s.)

(EXTRA REFERENCE: Claire on LOST is Australian, and the TV show in my dream shares her first name.  Weeyud.  <–Australian for Weird.)

Sugar and Spice, but not in that order

Sugar and Spice, but not in that order

Anywalfordiftheylooklikecarissa, the unnamed actress presented in my subconscious by, um, Carissa Walford, finds out that the Rapture has happened, and she’s one of those left behind (full circle).

(NOTES: The Rapture as portrayed in fiction in the Bible usually means good people are sucked up into heaven.  Here’s Wikipedia’s breakdown, a snorefest.  The Rapture as portrayed by Blondie is here.)

Basically, as it turns out, all the good people didn’t get sucked up to heaven.  It was aliens that did the sucking up, and they sucked up all the idiots to give our planet another chance.  They were big fans of Claire Voyant and decided that she should run the world.  Ever the go-getter, she obliges, and the world’s mantra becomes

The geeks shall inherit the Earth!

INGREDIENTS: Three mini-burgers and fries from Applebee’s, plus numerous pourings of brew.