The Good And The Bad Ugly

Here’s a quick one minute lesson…

Good Commercial:

(Reminds me of how my sister, Tammie, would spit her food in napkins and run to the bathroom to get rid of it when she was a kid… as an adult, she just spreads it out on her plate and yells, “All done!”)

Bad Ugly Commercial:

(This @#$% earworm makes me want to put a fork in my eyes and pull it out my ears!  Such rage!)

Buildings That Look Like Legos

The other day, while I was driving around town, I happened to notice that a lot of auto shops in my area remind me of Lego playsets.  For instance:

It looked better with the doors closed.

It looked better with the doors closed.

Then that reminded me of a building I saw in Amsterdam:

Get yer ciggies here!

Get yer ciggies here!

And that prompted me to look into some old Lego sets and other buildings that look comprised of colored blocks.  Here’s some of what I found:

SIDENOTE: My sister, Becky, is obsessed with the above car.  Is it due to the Lego Factor?

(Check out Lugnut for more awesome Lego flashbacks.  That’s where I got the playset pix set.  Another cool site for random fandom Lego-ness – The Brothers Brick.)