Worth 1002 Words… The Infantata From American Horror Story Edition

What The--?!

Some alternates:

  • Eff That!
  • Hoozie? Wutzee?!
  • Jiminy Crickets!
  • Hibbidy-Wah?!
  • Pooped M’Pants…


Drunken Recollection… I’m Drunker The Smarter I Get

Last night, I had the first confirmation of a theory I’ve long held to be true.  It’s not quite a Theory Sheet level theory (yet), and the jury is still out on whether or not it’s repeatable, but I’ve at least found an available and consistent means to test it.

The Theory: Thinking while drinking makes you smarter.


I was going to describe how the parachutes are like beer and the running is like thinking, but the picture makes me laugh for some reason, so I'll write nothing but this.

 The Test: Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS

Basically, two nights ago, I dug out my DS because I didn’t feel like turning on my TV and PS3 to play a video game to fall asleep.  Brain Age 2 was in there and since I didn’t feel like changing that out (I was tired… and a little lazy), I gave it a go.  It was a sober night, and I was rated a Brain Age of 54.

Last night, I had a good five drinks in me as I went to bed.  I pulled out the ol’ DS one more time and I was rated a Brain Age of 34.  That’s a substantial gain, especially when considering my average was previously 53. 

I knew it!

The big question that remains: Do I have to stay drunk to stay smarter?

Alert! A New Page Up Above!

FYI… I added a new page at the top – The Theory Sheet!

A sample:

4) The Urination Observation.  If there is any difference between the sexes “skill sets,” I bet it all boils down to boys having to aim when they pee.  This point might be argued by women that deal with any man on a regular basis, and their guy’s toilet habits.  Just because a man might not always make it directly into the porcelain basin, it does not mean they cannot piss their name in the snow.  Women, as far as I know, lack this ability (maybe in Sanskrit they can).  Because of boys needing/wanting/having to develop spacial relations the minute they lose the diaper, if there is a difference in men’s ability to drive, build, play video games, blah… it’s due to the development of wang stream control.

Samanatha in Sanskrit... it's possible to pee this, right?

Samantha in Sanskrit... it's possible to pee this, right?