InASense, Lost… Everybody’s Seen The Smoking Baby, So Here’s Other Stuff (And The Smoking Baby)

The smoking baby from Indonesia may not be the first of his kind, but he’s definitely getting David After Dentist level of media attention.

In case you have (somehow) missed it, the video (via Break) is… moved to after the jump due to auto-starting issues.

(SIDENOTE: I would have went with a YouTube video, but you can’t trust any of those to stay.  So now I’ll imagine you skipped ahead to the bottom of the page, or clicked on the above link, and I’ll be moving on.)

If you think that’s scary, then you haven’t seen this (via Cooley!):

From "Inappropriate Golden Books: Movies R Fun!"

Hmm, not working, eh?  Perchance a toy of Bat Boy might throw you for a loop (via Comics Alliance)?

I wasn't aware he wore cut-off jean shorts.

One more thing and I give up.  How about another misappropriation of a teddy bear? This time, it’s in robot form from Fujitsu (via Crunch Gear):

Hrm… That’s all I got.

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InASense, Lost… What Is It With Kids These Days

When I was just a wee lad back in the day (I’m prepping for St. Paddy’s), it was awful fun for the adults give kids a sip of beer and watch their reactions.  I’m the oldest boy of all the cousins on my father’s side, and for quite awhile I was the only boy (my brother broke the streak when I was nine… there were nine girls and me… ever notice how the more girls there are, the higher the octave of screeching goes?)

What I’m getting at is it wasn’t uncommon for my elders to make me the butt of the joke.  Some might have thought it would encourage drinking, but I never took a sip of alcohol (not counting my relatives’ pranks) until I turned 19 and could legally do so in Canada.  My other tendencies in alluded-to innocence: I was more interested in Nintendo than IN-tendo (if you catch my innuendo), smoking was a disgusting habit my parents had and I swore I would never have, and drugs… well, I’d stick only to any of the natural kind.

But nowadays, you have 13 year olds becoming fathers

…parents pulling new tricks on their kids for laughs (and filming it and putting it on YouTube… “Thanks Dad… what are you, like, thirteen, or something?”)…

…or teaching their kids to be pretty good at smoking.

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I guess you could always over indulge your child and baby them so they can become insulated and protected from the rest of the world (read: spoiled), that they never have to deal with R|E|A|L|I|T|Y.  Heaven forbid someone take their Cloudsong