InASense, Lost… I Thought These Were Bad Ads, But Then…

I saw this ad come up on my iPhone when I was looking for… something…

It's a Mexican bread company. They should know bimbo.

And I thought it was bad, until I was told about this ad:

This ad is being accused of a lot of things...

But then this… this… slide happened in Poland…

(SIDENOTE: I really like the version of Bohemian Rhapsody used in the background…)


Hibbidy-Wah?! What Does This Mean?! Please Someone Tell Me So I Can Sleep Tonight!


I can find no other words than Hibbidy-Wah?! and even that’s not enough.

I might start crying.

The only possibly insight I’ve found in regard to this atrocity is another ad:

It's still not adding up.

Is it that the little girl on the store display is sad because she has a diaper rash, or her dad’s hands are rough from work, or–
I don’t even want to go down that rabbit hole–
I wish I didn’t use any of those words above, like go down or hole
Why does lube have to carry such a negative connotation?!

Awful Battle… Awesome Cartoons Of Questionable Content

Cartoons, just like toys, aren’t only for kids anymore.  We might be able to think the Japanese for that, but it might also be this current generation of man-children at fault.

The following videos are proof of that (only one Japanese one in the bunch… try and guess which one).  Why else would there be:

  • a woman licking a horse and being offended by its erection
  • Jesus turning water into whiskey at a rave and space monkey angels
  • a gaggle of panties flying in the V-formation (not sure if it’s meant to be ironic)
  • selfish children getting devoured by cockroaches

Despite all being well-done, they burnt my brain.  Which is the worst?


Vodpod videos no longer available.

InASense, Lost… Super Inappropriate Squirt Guns And Bonus Grossness

In the spirit of all things summer-y, I thought I’d whip out this classic gem of a toy (maybe I shouldn’t have said whip out).  Despite it pissing your parents off for creating quite a mess, the Oozinator may be the worst thing aimed at kids ever (maybe I shouldn’t have said aimed at kids).  Even the acting is highly inappropriate.  Things to take note of in this commercial (and quickly forget): the way the gun has to be charged and the reaction shots to getting blasted.

Okay, so maybe the Oozinator’s not the absolute worst in product design:



There are two words that I cannot hear without instantly being grossed out: cyst and polyp.  Add this video to the mix.  Believe you me, I’d rather watch 100 clips of girls and guys and single cups and broken bottles and egg chutes (well maybe not), than the entirety of the following footage ever again.