Worth 1002 Words… It’s Like Coning, But You’re Invisible And Don’t Order Soft Serve

I’ve decided that I’m not finding (or looking) for funny pictures anymore, which used to constitute Worth 1002 Words.  If I find one that works, I’ll post it.  But you know what else is Worth 1002 Words?  Some videos, like this one:

CAPTION: Value Men-Boo!


  • Chicken McScaredycats
  • Worry Flurry
  • Big OMG
  • McRibbings Return!
  • Got Served

Awfool Battle… Invisibility Pranks

See no evil, catch no evil...

See no evil, catch no evil...

If I told you most people are gullible, would you believe me?  Also, did you know that “gullible” is the only English word not in the Webster dictionary?  And did you realize that the man in the above picture can actually turn invisible?

Anywhogoesthere, here are three pranks centered around invisibility, and I’m not sure which of the victims would most likely answer yes to any of the above questions.


Vodpod videos no longer available.  

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