Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Traffic Light Vs. Perfect Couples

Hey, gather ’round and let me tell you about a mid-season replacement…

Get this.. there are three guys… and they all went to college together… you see, that explains how they became friends… and then they all have significant others to varying degrees… begin ensuing hilarity!

That pretty much sums up the basics of two new shows – NBC’s Perfect Couples and Fox’s Traffic Light.

Light Couples and Perfect Traffic would be awesome.

But the Coinkydinks or Coinkydonks don’t end there…

  • Both feature cast-offs from other sitcoms

Well, this isn’t an uncommon thing, especially in the world of sitcom manufacturing.  There’s a lot of a throw it at the wall and see if breaks through mentality that goes into producing hits.  So let me clarify…

  • Both feature cast-offs from other sitcoms that I like

On Perfect Couples, we get Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Amy/The Waitress) from FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
On Traffic Light, you get both David Denman (Mike/Roy) and Nelson Franklin (Adam/Nick the IT Guy) from NBC’s The Office.

and Fox/FX swapped Actors!

  • Both derive humor from the statuses of each relationship

Well, come to think of it, that might be a bit off as well.  Howzabout…

  • Both attempt humor from the statuses of each relationship

On Perfect Couples, you have the perfect couple, the regular couple, and the crazy couple.
On Traffic Light, you have the red light couple, the yellow light couple, and the green light, um, single guy.

  • Both shows have an Actor! that starred in another show called “Heist”

Sure, one was made in America and the other in Britain, but David Walton (Vance) of Perfect Couples and Kris Marshall (Ethan) of Traffic Light both happened to be in TV shows called Heist.

Perfect Couples’ Kyle Bornheimer
and Hayes MacArthur
(Dave and Rex) were in She’s Out of My League.

  • Oh yeah… both shows have Asian hotties

Olivia Munn (formerly of G4’s Attack of the Show, concurrently of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show) and Liza Lapira (formerly of Fox’s Dollhouse) both portray the better-half of the highest level relationships.  Munn’s Leigh is in the perfect couple; Lapira’s Lisa is in the red light couple.

As Charlie Sheen might say about Olivia Munn, "Winning!" (Sorry Liza...)

Their characters’ names are Leigh and Lisa.
That’s pretty close…


Awful/Awesome Battle… I Dare You To Watch One And I Hope You Enjoy The Other

If you can make it all the way through 35+ minutes of this, you will no doubt be rewarded with some humor, but you may also be rewarded much fatigue.

If you watch it in its entirety, please comment below, and point out which of the 100 ways to love a cat are the funniest.

I’ll admit it – I’ve only jumped around.  35 minutes is about 34 minutes too long for a YouTube video to me.  But of what I have seen, I chortled…

On the other hand, this show debuts as a midseason replacement on NBC, and it reeks of potential, if that’s a polite thing to say.  I know it’s four minutes longer than my usual liking, but after trying the above video out, it didn’t seem so bad.

Plus, Olivia Munn is purdy.

The only question that remains – if Perfect Couples premieres on Thursdays, does that mean my Parks and Recreation won’t be coming back?