monkeyFLASHmonkeyBACK… Only Time Will Tell

This is a new category I’ve thought about for quite a while, so I guess it’s only technically new to you.  I’ve only had this blog for two and a half men years, so these are my imaginary blog posts from the past.  This one takes place in 2004.

A steno pad made of rock? Didn't they have animal skin to write on?

– Remember when everyone was making a fuss about Halle Berry playing a character named Sharon Stone, in The Flintstones live action film?

– Remember how the part was supposed to be played by the real Sharon Stone, but she backed out to be in Diabolique?

– Remember how they thought about changing her name to Rosetta Stone, but the producers were afraid people wouldn’t get the reference to the key that unlocked ancient languages?

– Remember how Halle Berry celebrated the fact that they didn’t change the name?

– Remember how Sharon Stone regretted not taking part in the film?

Well, you probably don’t since that was ten long years ago, back in 1994.

Now it’s 2004, and Sharon Stone is about to get her revenge against Halle Berry in Catwoman (which looks awesome BTW).  Stone plays Laurel Hedare, the head of a cosmetics company Berry’s Patience Phillips works at.  I heard there’s a great fight scene between them, but seeing as how difficult it is to put videos on the TripleDoubleU at this point, you’ll just have to imagine what it will be like.

I heard that the same kind of thing when down during the casting of Office Space:

The real Michael Bolton is still upset.

I Am Thankful For… This Bobblehead Existing

If have never heard of Tommy Wiseau or The Room, then you’re missing out:

Watching it is like having a fever dream, only the movie makes less sense than a parasite-driven meltdown.

The fact that this has been produce and is ready for sale brings great joy to the cold cockles of my heart, and for that, I’m thankful.

I wish his hair was real.

Also thankful?

The Gang can always make room for The Room

Musical Musings… Happy Birthday “Voices That Care!”

Remember this?

Well, actually yesterday was the 18th birthday of the song Voices That Care, and it is quite the time capsule.  Made originally to raise money for the Red Cross during Operation Desert Storm, it has now, well, let’s reflect on the highlights:

  • Gotta love the flag opening.  Reminds me of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crap.  Unfortunately.
  • Celine Dion was just a baby.  I wonder if her creepy-old-manager/husband-to-be was tapping that yet.  (Also, she has kind of that Amy Grant vibe going.  Much better than the future Vegas chest thumping.)
  • Peter Cetera!  Why isn’t he making music anymore?  Am I the only one that wonders where he went?  (Maybe he’s hanging out with Steve Perry.)
  • See Bobby Brown.  See Bobby Brown sing.  See Bobby Brown not get high and smack a ho.
  • Is that dude in the cowboy hat from Warrant?  Yes.  Yes, he is.
  • Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson’s singing voices mesh perfectly with Luther Vandross.  (Actually, all the sports stars have wonderful pipes.)
  • Who’s singing with Garth BrooksAmy Grant or Celine Dion?  Was hair really that big back then?
  • BONUS: More Warrant!  Nope.  It’s just Nelson.  Why is everyone wearing cowboy hats, yet Garth Brooks did not (a true rarity)?
  • Michael Bolton was pretty good in Office Space, doncha think?
  • Will Smith even got to rap.  That tickles my soul.  Isn’t it weird he got his start “rapping,” but now it seems weird to see him rap?
  • One good thing about the arrival of CGI – no more neon coloring on B&W footage (hopefully).
  • The Chorus.  You gotta love the Chorus.  I can’t even begin to dive into the Chorus.  All I have to say is this: Michelle Pfeiffer AND Jon Lovitz.  No?  Fred Savage AND Meryl Streep?  Not enough?  Gary Busey AND Chevy Chase?  Yes.  That awesome. 
  • Wait was Mike Tyson’s arm around Debbie Gibson?  (She was my first concert – at the Sea World in Orlando.)

In my research, I stumbled on this must-see Where Are They Now video.  Check it out.