Hibbidy-Wah?! Facebook On MySpace?

For some reason, my friend Chris went onto MySpace today, and he saw this:

It’s an advertisement for The Social Network, a film about the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

I can only assume that because the film is allegedly an attack on Zuckerberg, that’s why it’s on the site.

But still… it leads me to wonder Hibbidy-Wah?!

Why did Chris go to MySpace?!

Happy Find… Lamebook

I never got into either MySpace or Facebook.  The trendiness didn’t appeal to me (and for the record, I was into Twitter before the huge Twitstorm hit… luckily, it’s subsiding).

So it wouldn’t and shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to create a comparably named forum to mock the uncouth denizens of , and it didn’t (as far as I know).

Introducing (unless you’ve already met) Lamebook, where the h8rs can h8t freely, without having a Facebook account, courtesy of h8rs that have Facebook accounts.

From the entry titled, "That Sucks"

From the entry titled, "That Sucks"

This is a mere sampling of a sampling.  I don’t know whether I dodged a bullet, or I’m missing the gunfight, but for now, I’ll stick to Lamebook (even though it’s one of the rare websites I happily found that doesn’t have the word “fuck” in the title).

Joyous Find… Auto-Tune The News (And The Gregory Brothers)

Someone check the definition for "brothers" please...

Someone check the definition for "brothers" please...

It’s been a short while since I’ve stumbled across something on the TripleDoubleU that’s compable of consuming massive amounts of my time.  Congrats to The Gregory Brothers for doing just that. 

(SIDENOTE: The group includes a sister, just like how it is with the Warner Brothers – Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, yet I suspect they are not really related, just like how it is with The Ramones.  But Kings of Leon are all brothers, which I didn’t initially believe, so who knows?  Sarah’s the sister-in-law, married to Evan, oldest brother of Andrew and Michael.  Boom!  Reasearch!) 

Together, they have encompassed a great portion of my weekend by being fantastic on so many levels.

First off – they are talented as all get up.  Not just a little get up, or a medium amount of get upall of it.

Second off – they’re funny as heck.  Okay, “heck” might not be as funny as the word “poop,” but I’m not putting that word in any sentence about them.  Erm…

Okay, so many levels that include only two, but they’re huge levels, right?

I found out about them through Warming Glow (thanks!) after a post showing this video:

Incredible, right?  It skewers auto-tuning, the news in general, and the current state of politics, and still manages to be a good song.  Not a classic song per se, but beyond textured for a comedy bit.

After watching the first four auto-tuned news reports on their YouTube channel Schmoyoho amongst other earlier outings, I dove into their Facebook and MySpace pages and was surprised to find they were serious musicians (I really like Butter On My Roll, but who am I kidding… it’s all great.).  That elevated their level of a shout out on this page from general to specific.  That doesn’t just happen for everyone.

Too bad the 25% of the band that’s “babe” is already spoken for.  I love women that can sing.  Sarah, if you ever get bored with Evan and are looking for a blogger that tries to be funny on a daily basis, comment on my site and I’ll respond!  Srsly, I will comment right back on this blog!  (Pourquoi est il que les amours m’échappe?)

Songs Burned In Our Brains From Grade School (A Musical Musings/My Boss Paul’s Top Five List Joint)

Ah, the good ol’ days.  That’s what people say when they reflect upon their youth.  

For my boss (and old friend) Paul and I, the good ol’ days in our Catholic grade school happened way before they were our good ol’ days, as evidenced by our textbooks.  Most notably: our music class textbooks. 

I know, I know… at least we had a music class.  Nowadays, all of the arts are disappearing from our schools (for shame!), but that’s not what this post is about.

The fact of the matter was that we had crappy old text books and a music teacher that could barely play the one instrument she claimed to be able to play (the flute).  Sure, it was unfortunate that she replaced the single greatest music teacher ever.  (He played “Name That Tune” on the piano – and they were always theme songs!)  The following list represents the worst of the songs we were taught… four oldies, one newie, and zero goodies.

Top 5 Songs Burned In Our Brains From Grade School

5. Little Boxes – Malvina Reynolds
Paul doesn’t really remember this one, hence it being placed at the bottom spot.  I couldn’t forget it, and Weeds wouldn’t let me… until season 4 at least.

4. Du, du liegst mir im Herzen – German folk song
Paul refused to sing this song hence to him being xenophobic; but then again he refused to sing any of the songs.  For me – it’s my 99 Luftballons.

3. Shortnin’ Bread – James Whitcome Riley
Paul despised (no, loathed!) this song.  I didn’t remember it at first, but then it all came crashing back to me like a repressed memory.

2. God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood
The only current-ish song on the list was also an exercise in irritation.  We had to sing this at a recital, and as everyone knows – recitals blow.  What’s worse is that we had to hold up signs that read Detroit when we sang that line.  Because we lived in Detroit, oh say can you see.

1. Fender Bender – ? 
This song presented a unique situation for us.  For virtually nowhere on the TripleDoubleU, could we find ant reference to this song.  The only proof that it ever existed arrived via a MySpace Forum.  It the thread, a reference is made to the lyrics:

Fender bender, yeah yeah yeah!

The poster recalled the misspoken lyric:

Finger banger, yeah yeah yeah!

Which ceremoniously lead to the diddy being banned (band?) from music class.  Thanks, Mack Danger, for the memory backup!

I wish we would have thought of "finger banger"...

I wish we would have thought of "finger banger"...

InASense, Lost… “Hi, My Name Is Sean, And I’m A Webaholic”

In deciding between calling myself a netaholic or a webaholic, it was only then that I realized the similarities between a “net” and a “web,” and I wondered if such naming was on purpose, but I digress…

Allow me to reiterate.  I.  Am.  Addicted.  To the TripleDoubleU.  (I was tired of using these “.” for a moment.)

I’d like to blame it on the stock market crashing and I will.

See, I work in IT, and just like how a stripper doesn’t enjoy bringing her work home (maybe that was a bad example), I wasn’t too keen on doing much on the web once I got home.  I had five blogs I regularly read, and I played on the Hollywood Stock Exchange (my user name is TakeOne if interested).  Otherwise I did banking and billing (and occasional drunk purchases on Amazon or DeepDiscount).

But when the market crashed and EVERYONE panicked, my company’s clients held their breath and stopped calling, and I was suddenly left with a lot of free time on my hands.  I never got into MyBook or FaceSpace, so I started checking out this whole blogging thing.  Voila!  MonkeyBlogMonkeyDo was born.

But now I’m in a bit of a crisis.  Over the last six months, I’ve kinda developed a needto be online.  First off, I have way more than five blogs to read on a daily basis.  Plus I have two (and sometimes more if I feel like it) of my own to tend to.  Throw in my recent crippling desire to Twitter, and it’s borderline unbearable.  For example, how am I supposed to watch TV and DVD’s without a functioning laptop on top of my lap (functioning = online).

Where the major crisis stems from is the fact that the neighbor’s wifi I’ve been “borrowing” seems to have been cancelled.  I believe this started April 1st, and I’m beginning to lose my mind.

I live in Detroit, and my only option for a provider is Comcast, and I can’t stand Comcast (although I do love their new commercials).  So here I sit.  Writing this blog.  Using dial-up.

Maybe I need to get this (click here to take you to the site because I couldn’t post it via dial-up!):

The Innernette! It all fits on one CD!

The Innernette! It all fits on one CD!

 Also, I feel a kindred spirit in last season’s South Park episode, “Over Logging.”  If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.  Just be warned – there is a very gross scene that even Trey Parker couldn’t believe they got away with putting on TV.

Okay, sure, maybe I’m just being whiny, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t find it fair that no one else but Comcast has upgraded lines in my area to give us consumers some options. 


BC Jean To Fight Beyonce Behind School At 3PM Over “A Boy”

Ohmigod is she looking at me?!

Ohmigod is she pointing at me?!

This is kind of old news, but if you haven’t heard about it – Hey!  Hot off the press!

I heard the screeching mess that is Beyonce – er, I mean  Sasha Fierce, grrrr – on the radio today, and it trudged up my Capra-esque rage on behalf of the little man. The screeching mess in question: “If I Were a Boy.” The little man in question: cutie BC Jean (pic from Crazed Hits).  

SIDENOTE: You can hear her (original, better) version of the song on that site, or on her site which has a pretty cool piano interface (hee hee, interface… I don’t know what that’s means).

The source of my fury stems from a conspiracy that goes like this: producer Toby Gad co-wrote the song with BC, then he went behind BC’s back and sold it to Beyonce (I originally wrote Bitchonce, but you could see the flop it would have been… perhaps Bitchyonce?  Buttyonce?)  And since no one involved has mentioned anything further in the press, I assume BC was either fiscally compensated or fiscally threatened (see how I did that?) by tubby’s hubby, H.O.V.A.

The thing that I think makes me maddest is it doesn’t work!  (You seriously have to listen to both versions to understand my upset) Beyonce is not a twenty-something MySpace girl!  Some might say the lyrics apply to women from all walks of life.  Others might say I just hate Beyonce.  Mostly everybody would be right… mostly.

Happy Find… ChaCha

I must have been living under a rock (that rock being my huge non-camera having cell phone), because I only just discovered ChaCha (actually my bro did, and he passed the word onto me).

If you don’t know what ChaCha is, I’m not going to tell you.  You’ll have to send a text message to 242242, and ask “What is ChaCha?”

Basically, it’s like OnStar via text messaging, and it’s quite frankly awesome, considering how much Google text sucks.  (Sure, it may not reach the levels attained by Internet phones, but it’s saving me an extra $30 a month).

Some examples of ChaCha interactions:

Q: Which came first – Facebook or MySpace?
A: MySpace launched in August of 2003 and Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004. MySpace was first… based off of Friendster.

Q: How does ChaCha make money as a company?
A: Through strategic partnerships and advertising campaigns such as the Obama ad.

Q: How much is Tiny Toons Season 1 DVD at deepdiscount.com?
A: It is $30.89 with free shipping.

Q: What is your favorite article on monkeyblogmonkeydo.com?
A: My favorite article is “It’s So Cold in 14J-4.”

I think they might have a new favorite now. And golly gee, so do I.