Awful Battle… ‘R-Words’ On Film (Psst – The ‘R’ Stands For ‘R-Word’)

How r-worded is it that we can’t say the r-word anymore?  To me, it implies that those people who are mentally challenged are r-worded when I don’t think of them that way.  R-worded people that do f-wording stupid things are r-worded!  Does this logic make any sense?  Or am I being completely r-worded on this one…

In the name of satire (according to Sarah Palin’s definition <– please check out the embedded video), I’ve collected a list of items that I consider r-worded, in relation to Actors! who played r-words on film.

Pretend that they’re the R-Word A-Wards:

BONUS: My unexplainable crush on Meghan McCain might have regained some steam after I realized her opinion of Sarah Palin’s opinion complements my opinion.  Video here.

JusWondering… Unexplainable Crushes


Exhibit "Ay... how you doin'?"

Don’t judge me on this short list of unexplainable crushes… unless you’re Judge Marilyn Milian, of course.  As the host of People’s Court, Judge Milian hands out her decisions with a sexy rasp (and huge gold hoop earrings) every weekday, and I get weak in the knees.  Whenever I catch her show, I can’t catch my breath.  It’s not uncommon for me to wonder what she’s wearing under that robe… (I’m thinking, three-piece pantsuit… you?)



McCain is McAble (I don't know what that's meant to imply... I'm still in pun mode)

As it was with the political-minded girls in high school (and especially college), Meghan McCain is no exception to the “she’s cute but kinda annoying” rule.  Whether on Fox News or the Colbert Report, unless you’re really interested in her viewpoints, I have a crush on her more because she’s so passionate about “things” that I guess are kinda important, than because of what her stances are on said “things.”  Sexist?  Probably.  But unless Meghan’s telling me why (or a comely coed, for that matter), I’m not listening.  Well, I’m not listening either way, at least for some, I’d pretend.


As for my crush on Kseniya Simonova… I still don’t know much about her other than this video.  Perhaps the performance is explanation enough:



Pink hair is so 2000-late, but Erin still works it well.

I have no excuse for my crush on Erin Esurance, but be warned: do not Google Image her with SafeSearch off.