JusWondering… How Did This Make It To TV?

TBS might not be the benchmark of great television, and even though its slogan is “Very Funny,” that doesn’t mean it’s true.  Case in point – how did this show make it to TV?

The point of a preview is to show funny things if it’s a comedy, right?  Then why do promos for Men at Work show anything but?

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any more extensive previews, so allow me to transcribe some of the “jokes”…

In one exchange, a douche from this show is mad at the guy from NBC’s Las Vegas for banging his cleaning lady.  They go back and forth repeating the word bang a lot.  Which prompts the punchline: “I don’t believe how many times you guys said the word bang.”

In another scene, the guy from Fox’s That 70’s Show asks a woman on a date.  The three other jackasses dance using lewd sex moves in the background.  Her response: “They know I can see them right?”  His punchline: “Yeah, they don’t care.”

And for my last bit of torture, the guy from NBC’s Las Vegas tells the guy from Fox’s That 70’s Show to not dwell on his break-up forever.  Setup: “It’s been like an hour.”  Punch-in-the-throat-line: “Yet we’re still talking about it.”

I can’t recall any others, and I don’t care to.

You want comedy?  I don’t know if it will satiate you, but it’s light years better than Men at Work:

In My Brain While Sleeping… The Bald And The Bug-tiful

Hubba Bubba (A gum created in 1979)

Hubba Bubba (A gum created in 1979)

Is Xenu in here?

Is Xenu in here?

Any dream involving a portion of the cast of “That 70’s Show” should be kind enough to include Mila Kunis.  This dream did, but the Brothers Masterson did they’re best to keep her from me.


I was visiting New York City, and I was wondering Times Square.  I stumbled upon a falafel shop and Danny and Christopher Masterson were manning the window.  They had aprons on and spatulas in their hand.  I approached and saw Mila in the background, slaving away at the fryer.

“Hey fellas,” I began.  They nodded like they knew me.  Mila rushed toward the front, but they held her back.

“Help get me out of here!  It’s a trap!”  (I think this comes from watching “Empire Strikes Back” over Thanksgiving weekend on Spike.)

The Brothers Masterson slammed the windows shut, and there were no visible doors.  As I hurried up and down the street searching for an entrance, I ran into him – Mr. Demi Moore himself, Ashton Kutcher.  He had a knit cap on and tried calming me down.

“Relax,” he said.  “I’ll help you get in there, but you have to do one thing.”  He paused.  “You need to find me a cool new hat.”  He took a step back and removed the winter garment from his head, revealing this:



It suddenly started raining hats, like in that car commercial where it rains shoes.  I found a nifty green pimp hat, handed it to him, and we were off on our way.

Turds of a feather...

Turds of a feather...

Then I was suddenly a cockroach.  But I could walk and talk.  I sounded sorta dopey, as did my one other buddy, Ralph.  It was a lot like “Joe’s Apartment,” which I have not seen since 1996, and coincidentally one of the roaches in that shares the same name.

My roach pal and I were caught in some kind of laboratory we were trying to escape, a la “Secret of NIMH.”  Adventures were had, and it culminated in a final battle with the scientist.  He was all that stood between us and freedom.  Ultimately, every cockroach but me enveloped him and devoured him, like how Professor Screweye died in “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story.”  Since I could not find video of that – this will have to do: