JusWondering… Why Would Anyone Use CGI To Be Creepy?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

That bad feeling is a mix of is this gonna scare me and is this gonna be a waste of time.

This is the remake of Evil Dead.  Judging by this moment in the previews (stuck in a fifteen minute loop), I’m tipping toward the first part of my bad feeling:

But why is that so scary?  I’d like to think it’s due to mostly practical effects as opposed to CGI.  Case in point – two flicks I’ve recently caught on cable that freaked me a little bit out.  Well, one did more than the other, and I’ll let you guess which was which.  But they were both made in the 80’s, so that explains a lot.

Here’s Coma Baby from Bright Lights, Big City:

Here’s Alfred E. Neuman from Up the Academy (also on loop):

You’re welcome.

JusWondering… How Did This Ever Happen? (AKA Creepy Is An Understatement)

I’ve written about this song before in this post (please read… it’s one of the better ones where I actually tried*), but I’ve never seen the real video until now.





No… please don’t…

*This post is an example of one when I didn’t try.

Hibbidy-Wah?! Gimme My (Sister’s) Cabbage Patch Any Day….

I was originally going to right about the undercurrent of wrongness in these real video games:

Is the horse talking in the title of this game?

How about you say, "I Really Like..." instead?

But then I found these:

Bring me back to "I Love Horses!"

They’re called Reborn Dolls.

"They're coming to get you, Barbara..." is stuck in my head, for some reason.

And I guess they’re the exact opposite – and somehow the equivalent – of RealDolls (NSFW BTW).

Welcome to Uncanny Valley, Population: 1

I’d write more, but they’re creeping me out!

Hibbidy-Wah?! Humanimals Creep Me The F— Out

With Halloween upon us (and the one year anniversary of this blog’s creation – woohoo!), I’ve recently made a purchase in preparation for the slew of parties coming up.

Usually, there’s not a slew (and only one that may or may not be hosted by me), and usually, I have the energy to make my own costume out of cardboard.  Not so this year!

Without giving anything away, like mentioning I picked up a gorilla costume at Target, for example, I fear I might have dunked my toe into the pool of weirdness that is these folks: Humanimals.

Your glory is that I couldn’t pick just one…

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Awful Battle… Android Creeptacular

Many months back, I wrote a post about the uncanny valley.  I’m beginning to think that it’s becoming an uncanny canyon.  Japan, the forerunners on creepy, have been working hard to do just that – mess with your mind.  The following videos might not make you think of anything more than the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World or the Rock-a-Fire Explosion at ShowBiz (seriously… check the Rock-a-Fire out), but remember one thing… when the ride broke down, the pirates didn’t try to eat you!  Because they’re attached to the floor, you see.  

These androids are designed to be free-roamers.

Awful battle… GO!

Is that kid android wearing a doo rag?