Musical Musings… Randy Newman Could Have Been In Coldplay

Their skin tones don't match.

My sister was recently listening to this song on Sirius XM and it suddenly occurred to her that Coldplay’s front man, Chris Martin, kinda sounds like Randy Newman.

Here’s the song in question, Everything’s Not Lost:

Now here’s Randy Newman’s Losing You (ha!) from Toy Story 3:

My concern over her revelation is that the two will be forever connected in my mind, like that picture above.  Just like when I realized Shakira sings a lot like Kermit the Frog

Their skin tones don't match, either.

Musical Musings… Mario Paint Masterpieces (For Your Ears!)

(SNES not included)

(SNES not included)

Mario Paint, a staple of the Super Nintendo, was a pretty pointless, but very entertaining gimmick game, like pretty much most of Nintendo’s products through the years.  Gotta love ’em nonetheless!

Anywario, there’s an app floating around on the TripleDoubleU that imitates the old composer portion of Mario Paint, and what would the world be coming to if nerds fans out there didn’t create their own masterpieces!  Well, at least covert other people’s songs into Mario Paint versions.  Some highlights:

Some other good ones:

What is Love? by Haddaway

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Take On Me by A-Ha

More options here.