Oh Canadian Hotties! Eh?

This is a list I have been meaning to make for a while.  Presenting Six Reasons Why Canada Rocks!  (Plus Three Honorable Mentions)

sarah-chalkeSarah Chalke (Ottawa, Ontario) – From playing second Becky in “Roseanne” to second fiddle behind JD and Turk’s bromance in “Scrubs,” Ms. Chalke has always held her own against giant personalities and crazy sitcom-uations.  She has a way of pulling off clumsy and sexy in one fell swoop.


evangeline-lilly_01Evangeline Lilly (Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta) – I’d like to believe she’s possibly one of the best actresses on this list.  Aside from her Live Links ad, all I have to judge her skills on is “Lost.”  Her character, Kate, is damaged yet strong, worried yet brave, a dreamer yet a realist.  And Evie sells it – hook, line, and underground bunker.


elishacuthbertElisha Cuthbert (Calgary, Alberta) – Where in the world has Elisha been?  Since “24,” a minor role in “Old School,” and “The Girl Next Door” (which was awesome BTW), she’s been in schlock like “House of Wax,” “The Quiet,” and “Captivity.”  She returns for Season 7 of “24.”  Hopefully better roles will follow.  (BONUS: check out her appearance on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!“)

ericaduranceErica Durance (Calgary, Alberta) – Possibly the girl next door to Elisha over in Calgary (I’m imagining Erica was her babysitter), Erica came to my attention when she began her role as Lois Lane in “Smallville.”  Smart, tough, and a looker enough to make Superman forget his childhood sweetheart (see below).  All I know is she can be my Kryptonite any time she likes.  (Also, she makes a more believable Lois than Kate Bosworth did in “Superman Returns.”  Sorry, Kate!)

caroline-dhavernasCaroline Dhavernas (Montreal, Quebec) – Caroline is definitely the dark horse on this list, and that’s mostly because of one thing – not many people know who she is.  Though most of her work is in French Canadian film, I began to appreciate Caroline (pronounced Caro-lean) for her role as Jaye in the underviewed and wonderful, “Wonderfalls” (another of Bryan Fuller’s cancelled projects, along with “Pushing Daisies” and “Dead Like Me”).  She was also in the American films “Breach” and “Hollywoodland,” but I’ve yet to see those movies.

rachel_mcadamsRachel McAdams (London, Ontario) – I fell for Rachel not in “Mean Girls,” not in “Hot Chick,” but in “The Notebook.”  Damn that movie.  One night playing goal in my soccer game, I threw out my back and made the mistake (or divine choice) of putting “The Notebook” in my DVD player before I passed out.  The next day I awakened to realize I couldn’t move, and no one could help me until way later that day, so I was stuck watching “The Notebook” back-to-back-to-back (Ow, my back!)  Looking forward to seeing her in Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey, Jr!


kristin_kreukKristin Kreuk (Vancouver, British Columbia) – From Lana Lang in “Smallville” to Chun-Li in the upcoming “Street Fighter” movie, she’s a small-town cutie that grew into a big city cutie.



pamandersonPamela Anderson (Ladysmith, British Columbia) – Any list like this has to include the most infamous hot Canadian bacon.  Although I was more fond of her in her “Home Improvement” days.  (A Detroit shout-out to Tim Allen!)



theshatnerWilliam Shatner (Montreal, Quebec) – The Shat… Mr. King of Canada…   “Twilight Zone,” “Star Trek,” speaking Esperanto in “Incubus,” “TJ Hooker,” “Rescue 911,” “Tek Wars,” Priceline commercials, “Boston Legal,” World of Warcraft commercials… a true national treasure…

I Am Thankful For… Hard Salami

Is it so wrong that I want to stuff you in my mouth?

Is it so wrong that I want to stuff you in my mouth?

To begin, turkey has somehow become the big brother of Thanksgiving feasts (ham is the little brother).  I’m sure there’s a very good folk tale/reason why turkeys have taken the head spot despite having no head, but I don’t really feel like looking into it. 

(Okay, I did look into it, but it’s a little boring.  It involves some queen of England eating a goose and the Pilgrims finding turkeys in America easier… blah, blah, blah.  I did learn that wild turkeys can run up to 55 miles an hour, though.)

If there could be a middle brother, though, allow me to suggest this – hard salami. 

You may wonder, “Why hard salami?”  I say, “Because.”  If you’re lucky to already have hard salami as a part of your holiday meal, then you can stop reading.  For those that don’t understand… here is my back up response to because:

  • Even though it thinks it’s hard, it’ s really easy.
  • It’s like giant pepperonis, but better.  (And I sure love me some pepperoni.)
  • I don’t know what they put in it, and I don’t want to know.  It keeps it mysterious.
  • I could eat it every single day, even if faced against something from Taco Bell.  (Only if either item was free, though.  If I had to pay, I’m sure the Taco Bell would be cheaper and thus win.)
  • It’s great with mozzarella on a plain bagel.  Trust me.
  • I bet it would be Jack Bauer’s favorite food.

(SIDENOTE: When Google image searching “hard salami,” I was afraid of what might come up.  The following was a pleasant surprise.)

Rachel Bilson... hard salami...too easy.

Rachel Bilson... hard salami...too easy.