Hibbidy-Wah?! Gimme My (Sister’s) Cabbage Patch Any Day….

I was originally going to right about the undercurrent of wrongness in these real video games:

Is the horse talking in the title of this game?

How about you say, "I Really Like..." instead?

But then I found these:

Bring me back to "I Love Horses!"

They’re called Reborn Dolls.

"They're coming to get you, Barbara..." is stuck in my head, for some reason.

And I guess they’re the exact opposite – and somehow the equivalent – of RealDolls (NSFW BTW).

Welcome to Uncanny Valley, Population: 1

I’d write more, but they’re creeping me out!

Awful Battle… Android Creeptacular

Many months back, I wrote a post about the uncanny valley.  I’m beginning to think that it’s becoming an uncanny canyon.  Japan, the forerunners on creepy, have been working hard to do just that – mess with your mind.  The following videos might not make you think of anything more than the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World or the Rock-a-Fire Explosion at ShowBiz (seriously… check the Rock-a-Fire out), but remember one thing… when the ride broke down, the pirates didn’t try to eat you!  Because they’re attached to the floor, you see.  

These androids are designed to be free-roamers.

Awful battle… GO!

Is that kid android wearing a doo rag?