Happy Finds… DJ Kitty? Kanye Jordan? Let Me Google That For You

Sometimes the TripleDoubleU has too much goodness to handle.

  • ITEM 1 – All I need to say is DJ Kitty:

Cats in hats are so funny!  Somebody should make a book like that stat!

(SIDENOTE: Also acceptable as “funny” – cats in baseball jerseys, cats using turntables, and cats dancing.)

  • ITEM 2 – Do you like Tracy Morgan’s Tracy Jordan?  Well how about Kanye West’s Kanye Jordan?

Basically, it’s a game in which someone takes Kanye West’s Twitter messages and adds “Liz Lemon” to them, as if he were on 30 Rock.  Not all of them are golden, so some of the better ones can be found here and here.  The actual Twitter page can be found here.

It’s the perfect tool for the times you want to be a passive smart ass.  For my example, click here.

In My Brain While Sleeping… Fictional Character’s Children Don’t Share

30 Rock, oh 30 Rock, how much do I love thee?  Apparently enough to dream about you on more than one occasion.

Or at least this guy:

Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan

In this particular brain drain, I was spending Christmas with the Jordan family.  I had bought Tracy Jr. a guitar, and I couldn’t wait for him to open it up so I could play it.

Once dinner was finished, he opened it and I helped put the guitar together (because for some reason, assembly was required).

Somebody 30 Rocked this guitar.

Once I tuned the six-stringer, I readied to strum.  But he wouldn’t let me.  Even after I reminded him that I bought it for him, and that I put it together, he still shook his head, arms outreached.

I handed it over, sort of peeved, and woke up.

DREAM INGREDIENTS: A late night helping of pizza sticks… and an episode of 30 Rock.

Yippee Tracy Morgan! Boooo Kathie Lee!

Vodpod videos no longer available.Isn’t Kathie Lee Gifford such a scrumptious piece of heavenly delight?  Is not her sense of humor unmatched by the kings and queens and paupers of comedy?  Her comedic timing with Regis Philbin was impeccable, and often, she outshone him!  Even Tracy Morgan can’t keep up with her!  Amazing!

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(I pray that was a sufficient amount of sarcasm… I don’t have all day.)

(via Best Week Ever)