Awful Battle… ‘R-Words’ On Film (Psst – The ‘R’ Stands For ‘R-Word’)

How r-worded is it that we can’t say the r-word anymore?  To me, it implies that those people who are mentally challenged are r-worded when I don’t think of them that way.  R-worded people that do f-wording stupid things are r-worded!  Does this logic make any sense?  Or am I being completely r-worded on this one…

In the name of satire (according to Sarah Palin’s definition <– please check out the embedded video), I’ve collected a list of items that I consider r-worded, in relation to Actors! who played r-words on film.

Pretend that they’re the R-Word A-Wards:

BONUS: My unexplainable crush on Meghan McCain might have regained some steam after I realized her opinion of Sarah Palin’s opinion complements my opinion.  Video here.

I Am Thankful For… This Bobblehead Existing

If have never heard of Tommy Wiseau or The Room, then you’re missing out:

Watching it is like having a fever dream, only the movie makes less sense than a parasite-driven meltdown.

The fact that this has been produce and is ready for sale brings great joy to the cold cockles of my heart, and for that, I’m thankful.

I wish his hair was real.

Also thankful?

The Gang can always make room for The Room