Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? The Battle To “Turnover” A New Leaf

An explanation may be required: Coinkydink = Coincidence and Coinkydonk = Not.  Happy now?


Came in second as the new team logo

The play book that was successful

The play that scored

Today the new and “improved” Detroit Lions make their debut against the Atlanta Falcons in the first game of the preseason.  Considering the Lions haven’t won a game in quiiiiite awhile, do they have it in them to win?

They haven’t won in so long that a play was produced earlier this year in Los Angeles entitled Lions.  Its plot synopsis:

It’s the 2007 NFL season and the Detroit Lions are on a winning streak — unfortunately John Waite is not. With his lifelong friends at The Tenth Ward Club, he places his hopes on his team, and attempts to escape the creeping demise of his city, and of his way of life.

If anyone remembers that season, it’s the one that started with a winning bang (8-0), peaking with the 44-7 win over the Denver Broncos, then ended with only one more win out of the eight remaining games.  And how could you forget a completely winless 2008 season?

Here’s where the Coinkydink or Coinkydonk sneaks in… former Falcon quarterback Michael Vick just signed to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, so he’s back in the news after being released from jail for underground dog fighting and animal abuse.  Both teams have some dark recent history to overcome, and in this game, who will rise to the challenge?

So is it fate?  Or just the luck of the draw?

Drunken Recollection… Bikinis, Bikinis, Bikinis, And Are Baseball Highlights The Best?

When hot meets hot

When hot meets hot

This might have been better suited as a JusWondering, but it shall end up as a Drunken Recollection nonetheless, mostly because I recall being drunk while just wondering these things…

Who thought it would be a great idea to have women work in bikinis?

In an industry that requires hair nets, plastic gloves, and, um, clothing in the kitchen, besides the obvious reason of having scantily clad women taking food orders and delivering it, why do we have scantily clad women taking food orders and delivering it in bars and restaurants?

(scroll over links for images)

Does pouring hot beverages in bikinis sound better?

Working as a mechanic perhaps?

Maybe somewhere in a hospital?

How about as a baseball player?

Speaking of baseball, are baseball highlights the best of all sports highlights, or what?

It’s possible I think this right now because they’re essentially the only sports highlights on TV, but does a backwards catch thrown in reverse into a double play beat a lateral pass touchdown?

Ah, I need a drink.  Time to hit up a bikini bar to watch some baseball highlights.

Happy Find… Game Time With Dave And Greg (SNL Skit)

This past Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live (which aired on Saturday… I can’t stop typing Saturday!) was hosted by the charismatic Dwayne Johnson, formerly the Scorpion Stone… or something like that.  I thought this was probably the funniest skit of the night – for what it’s worth.

Vodpod videos no longer available.