Happy Find… Famous Last Words Mashup

There have been a lot of these made over the [choose your own increment of time passed]*, and I only present this one to you because of the awesome [choose your own segment of the following video]**.

(via Screen Junkies)

*I chose “months.”

**I chose “ending.”  I mean, c’mon…  Troll 2 and The Room?!  It gives me a [choose your own physical reaction].


Crispin In The Sun With Toonces!

I have known a few people through the years that have done things that some people may see as odd, such as wearing leather chaps to a co-ed softball game while covered in peanut butter, or making artwork out of animal intestines. 

Okay, actually, they are odd, but some people find that off-putting.  For me, these people are the spice of life (the off-the-cuff kind of spice you’d find at CVS or Aldi’s).  They’re a modern performance artist, in my opinion, and I can say I’m not too different (see the new #7 on my Fact Sheet).  Or they’re completely batshit crazy, but who cares?

Crispin Glover may be a genius or a nutjob (the separtion between the two is a thin line, and we’re not talking cocaine here… or are we?)  Check out Screen Junkies’ list of his “9 Most Bizarre Moments.”

Here’s a sneak peek at #8:

BONUS: Toonces Without a Cause: