A Plethora Of Happy Finds, For El Guapo!

Well, El Guapo, though I may not really know what a plethora is, I do know when I’ve cracked one open and it’s spilling candy (oh – that’s a piñata).

Anyway, in all my perusing of the TripleDoubleU, I find so many videos that make me chuckle, it makes me weep.

So today, I’m sort of going for broke and offering up not ONE… not TWO… not THREE… not FOURnot FIVE… video collections!

  • Numero 3 is in fact Numero 3 in a series of Creed spoofs.  You remember Scott Stapp and crew, right?  Well according to this particular video they only remember to perform when the camera’s on them to not just hilarious, but hil-ar-i-ous, effect.  (More dubs from the Spirit Switchboard.)
  • This video is last because it probably warms my heart the most.  Rhett and Link have made it on this site before since I share my love of terrible local commercials with them, but this piece… play me off, El Guapo!  (And for the record -yes, I’m aware Cuba is not in Mexico… I know it’s in Florida.)

Hibbidy-Wah?! Black People And White People Buy Furniture?!

I recently found this video of a weird local commercial for, what else, a furniture store:

Consider my mind blown!  This couldn’t be real, could it?  I mean, was it serious?  Did it have lofty goals of promoting racial harmony and couches?  Courtesy of my new skill set (BOOM! Research!), I uncovered this…

Ugh.  I feel defeated.  I wanted that commercial to be legit.  I feel duped like most people did with The Blair Witch Project

(SIDENOTE 1: When I was in high school, parents had to write something great about their kids for the yearbook.  My mom didn’t know what to write, so I wrote my own.  Some girls in my class had told me they thought what my family wrote was really sweet.  For some stupid reason, I told them that I wrote it.  The look on their faces must have been like mine when I watched that second video.)

(SIDENOTE 2: When I saw The Blair Witch Project, I took a friend that did not know it was fake.  He was relatively unaffected by the flick, but the dude in front of me was freaking out when they found that eye, or tongue, whatever it was, wrapped in gauze.  Totally worth it for that.)

So back to the current disappointment.  At least this is real, right?