Hibbidy-Wah?! Off-Putting Is An Understatement

I don’t know who made this, but it was found here.  Sometimes the TripleDoubleU truly is Pandora’s Box (I’m not talking about a portable web radio device)…

jessica simpson anne hathaway alicia silverstone lily allen madeline zima alba selma hayek katy perry emma stone carmen electra angelina jolie keira knightley jennifer aniston megan fox beards

No Kardashians? M(o)ust(ache) have been too easy…

Worth 1002 Words… Back To School Edition


Homophobe Schooled

Some alternates:

  • Androgynous Kid
  • Grade: HIV+
  • Classless Project
  • Parents Aided
  • Award Whinnying
  • That’s gaaaaaaay…

(Thanks Dave)

(SIDENOTE: I officially invite all to add to the list in the comments section!  Remember, TWO WORDS MAX!  All caps optional.)

In My Brain While Sleeping… Kermit The Frog Escapes From Rosie O’Donnell!

For some reason, the world was all aflutter in this dream.  National news, tabloid shows, late night talk fests… everyone was going crazy about how Rosie O’Donnell ate the Muppets.

(Now let me state this here: I have no problem with Rosie-O whatsoever.  I like women in the media like her and Roseanne that speak their minds, even if people don’t really want to hear it.  Don’t know why this is so, but I just thought I had to give this disclaimer.)

Anywhatnot, the media jumped all over the story.  Word was that she had already devoured Miss Piggy and Gonzo, and that she was well on her way to swallowing Kermit.

Dramatization of my psychosis

Dramatization of my psychosis

 But then, against all odds, Kermit showed up at a Hollywood premier.  Interviewers pressed him for a what, and a why, and a how, and all he said was that he climbed out of Rosie’s gullet.  Overnight, this poster was found in offices everywhere:

On Sale Now! (...nowhere...)

On Sale Now! (...nowhere...)

 INGREDIENTS: Booze and a patty melt (minus onions) plus garlic mashed potatoes.

Happy Find… Buseypalooza! Get Garied Away!

Shirley awesome!

Shirley awesome!

There’s a forum on SomethingAwful that has all kinds of Photoshopped madness.  Click here to check it out.

The thread began with the idea of replacing regular folks in home photos with the mugs of celebs.  Example:

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch

But it’s since evolved into a Buseypalooza.  There’s not much on there, but to post them all on here would ruin the surprise.  I don’t think it’s active anymore, either, unfortunately, but it still makes me G.R.I.N. (Gotta Recommend It Now… see, Buseyisms aren’t that tough).