(My Boss) Paul’s Top Five List… 80’s Toy Commercial Songs

It’s about that time for another list from my boss, and long time on-again, off-again friend, Paul.  How do I know it’s time?  Because he told me so.

Top 5 80’s Toy Commercial Songs (Non-TV Show)

5) Madballs – Freaky fun for everyone.  I had one or two of these. [I had the mummy one.  I also collected the comics. Why they had a comic is beyond me.  Why I collected them is even farther out. – Ed.]

4) Toys R Us– Just like the song said… I didn’t want to grow up, either.  Some people, like this blog’s owner, never have.  [Damn skippy. – Ed.]

3) Skip It – A shoddy toy, but a cool song. [The counter on the ball is analog.  Totally worth watching the vid simply for that. – Ed.]

2) Lego – Like Zack, we were all Lego Maniacs back in the 80’s.  [Since I’ve never grown up, I’m still a Lego Maniac.  – Ed.]

1) My Buddy – My brother, Bert, had one.  Not sure what happened to it.  Not a big fan of the toy, but the song is so catchy that I find myself singing it to my two year old son, Logan.  I call him “my buddy.”  Pause for the awwwws[My eyes are still rolling which makes it tough to type. – Ed.]

Okay, for the real one, click here.

(My Boss) Paul’s Top Five List… Favorite “Family Guy” Moments

It’s way overdue and slightly undercooked, but here’s the latest offering of my boss’ opinion.  Paul, who once upon a time was simply my “friend,” simply luuurves Family Guy.  This list is the fruit of  his looms his labor:

Top Five Favorite “Family Guy” Moments

5) Drinking game where Quagmire loses (click here for video)

4) “Puke-A-Thon” [Not to be confused with Stand By Me’s Barf-O-Rama. – Ed.]

3) First appearance of Greased Up Deaf Guy

2) Peter competes with his real dad in a drinking game (click here)

1) Randy Newman sings about whatever he sees

(My Boss) Paul’s Top Five List… Pet Peeves At Work

It’s that time again (a whole four days later), when Paul, my current boss and for-some-reason friend, blackmails me into posting top five lists for him.  It’s punishment because I blog on the job.  So here it goes:

Paul’s Top Five Pet Peeves @ Work [Ed. – @ instead of “at”… y’know, since we’re an IT firm]

1) People that don’t wash their hands after using the public restroom [Ed. – As opposed to the private restroom?]

2) Habitual misspelling and improper capitalization [Ed. – Friend/coworker Chris is natorius for This]

3) Firms with partners names in them [Ed. – Plenty of law firms with plenty of egos in our building]

4) People that choose the middle of three stalls when the end ones are empty [Ed. – Guess where Paul tends to be when we need him… it’s not the center stall]

5) People that use the elevator to go up or down one floor [Ed. – Hey sometimes after a night of basketball and soccer, a person gets tired.]

(My Boss) Paul’s Top Five List… Non-Food Smells

This is going to be a new installment, per my boss (originally – friend), Paul.  He’s says that if I’m going to blog while I’m at work, he’s going to submit lists I have to post on this very site.  Enjoy.

Top 5 Non-Food Smells

1.) New tires (at the tire store

2.) New shoes (especially at a shoe store like Payless

3.) A newborn baby’s head (after a bath)

4.) New tube of tennis balls

5.) Hotel swimming pool (chlorine)

[Ed. – I don’t know how often he encounters any of these, especially since his kids are older, but if they all occurred in one day, that’d sure be an interesting day.)