Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? If The Cleats Fett, I Mean, Fit…

I don’t find it strange that fans of this team:

The Detroit Lions currently have a better record than the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls to our zero!

Are also fans of these college football teams:


Hail Sadism and Masochism!

I imagine that their viewing parties look a little bit like this:

Pictured: Boba Fetish, with Slave I and Sluttrooper

Kiss My Glass (J/K… You Really Should Recycle)

Knowing my cousin, Steve, and his friends, they maaay have been drunk when they made this commercial for one of his classes.  But then again, his classmates might not be his friends, and therefore they weren’t drunk.  Either way, I think they did a smashing job.  (Ha!  It’s about recycling glass!)

They’re in a contest against other students to get the most hits on YouTube.  This is me trying to help out.  That makes me a winner!