JusWondering… Am I Getting Mind Powers?

When I was a kid, I believed carrots improved your eyesight, gum stuck to your ribs (if you swallowed it), and fish made you smart.

Remember the food chain, dude!

Remember the food chain, dude!

I hated carrots, so my eyesight was never too hot.  (Sleeping in contact lenses for months at a time probably didn’t help.)

It took me until high school to realize that the chest pains I felt while growing up had nothing to do with the gum I swallowed in my youth.  (Hubba Bubba goes nowhere near your ribs!)

And even though I liked my fish sticks as a kid, the idea became less attractive in my teens and further into adulthood.  (Seafood stinks!)

"Fish heads, fish heads, eat 'em up, yum!"

"Fish heads, fish heads, eat 'em up, yum!"

So imagine my disappointment when I found out how good Omega-3 fish oils were for you, and my joy upon discovering they came in pill form!

The problem that remained was I kept forgetting to seek them out for purchase.  Well forget them no more!  I finally picked up a bottle, and I already believe I’m beginning to see results.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that I’m becoming psychic.  I would regale you with all the details, but they seem to have escaped me for now.

Stay tuned as I report any further advancements of my mind!

Happy Find… A New Game I Can Use To Annoy My Friends!

While late night stumbling through the TripleDoubleU when I should be going to be bed before I have to go back to work (is this even a sentence?), I found this on Videogum (they’re my Hubba Bubba):

hudhudhudhudhudhud...hudhud......hudhud... ("Jaws" theme backwards)

hudhudhudhudhudhud...hudhud......hudhud... ("Jaws" theme backwards)

And they found it through BuzzFeed and they found it threw Reddit… blah blah…

Basically, it has the potential to be a great time-killing/altered-state/show-offy game, I think.

You take a familiar film (a filmiliar, you might say) and tell it in reverse.  A gag on the BuzzFeed states The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is about a man who is born and grows old and dies.  Simple, yes… but effective.

The more elaborate samples on Reddit:

If you watch Fight Club backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a crazy streetperson into a successful productive member of society.

If you watch American History X backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a successful productive member of society into a crazy streetperson.

I would try one right now, but my brain’s on the fade out.

Oh wait… I got one. 

If you watch the Muppet Movie backwards, Kermit and the Gang watch a movie, and then act it out in real life.  Dumb.

The Curious Case of the Frog and the Pig

The Curious Case of Interspecies Love