JusWondering… Will These Movies Ever See The Light Of Day?

It was just announced last week the Masters of the Universe movie was cancelled, and although the version in the works sounded craptastic, it pains me a bit to know that a live action version is further away.  But given the track record with cartoons about toys being given their due on the silver screen, I think a lot of those dues haven’t been paid, nor will they.  Sure, in ten years Transformers or G.I. Joe may or may not get rebooted, but will I care?  (Odds are yes.  Because technically, this MOTU a reboot, and I do care.)

I apologize for the fact that I posted this video almost a year ago, but it’s too awesome and helpful in imagining what a He-Man movie could be like:

And how bad ass would this Thundercats movie be:

Plus, with the fate of the third Batman film from director Christopher Nolan up in the air, does this whet your appetite?

Batman 3

I'm not drooling, am I?

Finally, and this is definitely off-topic but in line with the post’s title, has anyone ever seen this movie?

The secret of his suck-cess

The secret of his suck-cess

Happy Find… Cheetah Lady

Tears of joys are still spilling from my eyes.  As soon as I finish watching this video, I can’t wait to watch it again.  IT’S THAT FUCKING GOOD.

I don’t know if Cheetah Lady is trying to be ironic, or if she took acting lessons from Christian Bale on how to talk like a humanimal, but I think my most favorite thing about this is how she goes off script (if there even is a script) and rolls with the punches.  She’s sick of being a wide animal, and she doesn’t want a phone, but she wants a phone.  If even a quarter of Saturday Night Live’s cast members could improv like CL, it’d be like the 90’s all over again at 30 Rockefeller.

(P.S. If you pay attention, I think you can see her panties through her costume’s opening… if you’re into that kind of thing.  I’m certainly not.)

(via Videogum… thank you oh so much for this… I mean it)

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