The Reason Why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I Could Watch This 100 Times)

This may seem apropos of nothing, but golly gee, is this show awesome or what…


Huzzah for the new season!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My Pilot for the FX Network That Never Was

I found out about a contest to create a new sitcom for FX on Thursday, came up with the script on Friday, bought a new camcorder on Saturday, filmed it on Sunday (which was a blast in my opinion), edited it on Monday, and submitted it Tuesday to Filmaka.

The “far-fetched” premise follows four life-long friends who’ve grown apart, and in an attempt to recapture old times, purchase season tickets to their beleaguered home team, the Motor City Blues – which is not at all similar to the Detroit Lions since they occasionally win.  This snippet takes place the morning after the team’s home opener.

Enjoy.  Or not.  FX didn’t.