InASense, Lost… HotMilk Lingerie

The film American Pie introduced the world to a couple of notable items:

  • Stiffler

    Guess what four-letter word he's thinking of...

    Guess what four-letter word he's thinking of...

  • Shitbreak

    Who hasn't been there on a Sunday morning?

    Who hasn't been there on a Sunday morning?

  • A horrific connection to apple pie (no image necessary)
  • And the concept of MILF’s (courtesy of Stiffler’s Mom)

That film came out eons ago, so I’m left to wonder… why does this commercial trouble me so?  (The ending kind of freaks me out.)

Now I know it’s not as horrible as a dick hole in a pie, and maybe I’m being unenlightened by thinking this, but why do things keep breaking in that video?  Is her stomach knocking up over shit?  Is she crazy?  Isn’t that dangerous to have an expectant mother in heels walking around smashed glass?

So many questions…

Happy Find… STFU, Parents

Okay, I hate to have to subject y’all to another Happy Find so fast, but this is truly a sooper-dooper-mega-wega-Happy-Wappy-Find, um, -Mind…

That having been said, allow me to introduce to a collection of the most annoying ‘rents in the world on… drum roll please… you can’t?… okay, never mind…

STFU, Parents!

(For those of you uninitiated, and most likely it’s the parents that end up on the site, STFU = Shut The Fuck Up, thus adding it to my list of fucking Happy Finds.)

Required sample:

A Gold Star Winner per the site, and I agree

A Gold Star Winner per the site, and I agree

 With that, I bid you adieu!

Happy Find… Lamebook

I never got into either MySpace or Facebook.  The trendiness didn’t appeal to me (and for the record, I was into Twitter before the huge Twitstorm hit… luckily, it’s subsiding).

So it wouldn’t and shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to create a comparably named forum to mock the uncouth denizens of , and it didn’t (as far as I know).

Introducing (unless you’ve already met) Lamebook, where the h8rs can h8t freely, without having a Facebook account, courtesy of h8rs that have Facebook accounts.

From the entry titled, "That Sucks"

From the entry titled, "That Sucks"

This is a mere sampling of a sampling.  I don’t know whether I dodged a bullet, or I’m missing the gunfight, but for now, I’ll stick to Lamebook (even though it’s one of the rare websites I happily found that doesn’t have the word “fuck” in the title).

Happy Find… F— This Website

There’s just something about that four-letter word that I just love.  It could be the way it rolls off the tongue.  It could be that the sensors in the brain deal with pain merely at the utterance of the word.  I’d like to think that it is the most cyclical word in the world.

Two people fuck and then say “fuck” when they find out there’s a little fucker on the way that they can’t say “fuck” in front of anymore.  (In theory, anyway.)

Is it poetic?  Perhaps not, but as I mentioned already, I love that four-letter word.

Which is probably why I enjoy websites that make use of the word in their URL, like these sites.  And this one.  Don’t forget about this, too.

Imagine my glee at the discovery of Fuck This Website.  It’s purpose is as simple as the expletive.  Stickers are posted over existing signs, photos are taken, and images are posted.  It’s not FUCKet science.

More proof that smoking is bad for you.

More proof that smoking is bad for you.

Musical Musings… How Could I Have Mixed These Bands Up?

It’s funny that I was confusing this band


called Hedley with this band


called Deadsy when I heard this song by Hedley (seriously fuck Universal Music Group and their disabled embedding!) and confused it with the stylings of this song by Deadsy:

At least I didn’t confuse either band with this group


or these odd orange guys (if you only watch one video on this page, make it this one):


  • Deadsy’s lead singer, P. Exeter Blue I, is Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman
  • Hedley’s lead singer, Jacob Hoggard, placed third on Canadian Idol.
  • Faith+1’s debut album sold one million copies and “went myrrh.”
  • Deadsy’s album Commencement is still the only CD that I bought and gave away.  Prong’s Cleansing is the only cassette tape to share that honor.
  • Hedley, British Columbia was once for sale at a price tag of $346,000.  Not sure if that’s in US or Canadian dollars, but the band was named for the city.
  • b4-4 is also from Canada, and they have to be like totally gay, eh?  When the trio broke up, two stayed together and formed the band, RyanDan.  It’s named after themselves, for Faith+1’s sake!  (Okay, I guess they’re twins, but still…)

Happy Find… Why The F— Do You Have A Kid?

Your mind will probably already be made up before I finishing claiming the opposite, but I do not intentionally seek out website addresses with the word “fuck” in them.  In fact, they find me.  That’s the way it is with so-called dirty words… they just jump out at you.

I used to work in a medical center filing reports, and believe me, it becomes like A Beautiful Mind when you stumble across any sex term.  The words start growing and floating off the page.  But now I’m off topic, as usual.

Today I present, Why the Fuck Do You Have a Kid?  Sample anyone?

becuz ur supposed to keep at least six inches between u and ur dance partner

becuz ur supposed to keep at least six inches between u and ur dance partner

Just a small example of the sad state of affairs hilarity that exists on the site.  Enjoy?  I mean – ENJOY!