Hibbidy-Wah?! Somebody Needs A Hug (…E-Gram)

This salesman is having a vewy bad day…

What he needs is one of these!

I kind of like how the red Hug-E-Gram crosses out the one lady.  I really like how the salesman swears with reckless abandon. 

If time machines existed, I would go ahead in time one week to pick up the Hug-E-Gram I’d order today, then I’d go back 50 or so years and bring him a set of plush arms so he could record that message of love for his boss.

Simply Kaelin Some Time… (Keyboard Kato Style)

I apologize for posting another video (as if I don’t post beaucoup de vidz anyway), but the post I was working on started changing and growing from what I initially imagined (don’t worry – it will still be less than superb).  I need to be somewhere else soon, plus I want to allow the other idea to ferment a little longer, so here’s my gift to you (via Tosh.0):