Hibbidy-Wah?! Looks Like I Made It! (But I Got No Credit…)

I listen to Dave and Chuck the Freak (and Lisa) on 89X every morning here in Detroit.  I’ve listened to them since the days of when it was just Kelly Brown and Dave Hunter, and I remember when they had the contest to name Chuck inevitably The Freak.  I remember when Lisa Way was the traffic wench (but only on days when Kelly was gone), and I rejoiced when she ended up officially joining the show (though she still doesn’t share the headline).

So this morning, when they called out for help to send them a picture of a billboard they were talking about (Podcast 12/1/11 Part Two), I ran to my phone and emailed them a link to my blog.

This was the link.

They rejoiced upon receiving it (Dave wanted to share the image of the gynecologist/weekend DJ with Chuck and Lisa), but I heard no personalized thanks.  I waited for maybe an email (Dave is usually very kind about sending responses), but nothing.  They mentioned they were going to throw the pic on their blog, and so I waited.

Maybe it wasn’t my picture that I took with my camera…

But it was:

*sniff* No DJ (or gyno/DJ) love...

I guess it’s only karma… I use other people’s online pics all the time.

Here’s Some Tasty Competition, Taco Bell! (I Still <3 U)

La Shish kabob-bye!

La Shish kabob-bye!

I always pass closed La Shish restaurants in my travels, and it makes me sad that shady underpinnings (a euphemism for alleged terrorist funding if there ever was one) forced them to go, um, under.  Although I’d eaten at one of the original restaurants more than once (I assume that either of the Michigan Avenue locations in Dearborn was the first), I always thought it would be great that a local Arab cuisine could go national as a chain.

Oh well.  C’est la shish…  Other versions of La Shish have popped up in its place, even stealing its logo design, but they don’t have the same momentum as the original.  That is why I suggest going another route and follow My Taco Bell Plan.

In only one weekend, I can train any entrepreneur how to climb that mountain of creating a monster franchise and ring that bell at the top!

  • Step 1)  You need a catchy name.  Witness how Taco Bell rolls off the tongue.  Taaaaco Bell, Taaacooo Belllll.  La Shish worked well, but it name is tarnished.  My suggestion: Kebob Stop.  My other client, Dim Sum Gong, is already achieving some success.
  • Step 2) Ah, not so fast… you’re going to have to subscribe to my program to learn the rest.  For a flat fee of $20,000, I will teach you details to secrets like these: Lego style food design (Taco Bell makes, like, 30 dishes out of, like, eight items), signing a deal with PepsiCo (you have to get Mt. Dew, I promise you), and After Hours marketing (drinking and fast food go hand-in-hand… as does anonymous sex).

I’m also looking for developers for my Pierogi To Go and Taka Sushi restaurants.  Act now!