InASense, Lost… Zordon Is A Racist

This has popped up on more than a few of the other websites I frequent, and I’ve watched it every time.  I didn’t expect much from a simple, outdated premise, but it still makes me laugh.

I mean, the blatant racism disturbs me deeply.

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BONUS HIDDEN RACISM: This perfectly explains “the underwhelming meh” I felt after watching Avatar.

Musical Musings… Taylor Swift Nails/Burns/Stakes Kristen Stewart

This past weekend marked the adorable debut of Taylor Swift as a certifiable triple-threat (singer, songwriter, and Actor!) on Saturday Night Live.  (It’s the singer/songwriter part that makes this a valid Musical MusingClick here to hear the funny – and honest – song she wrote for her monologue.)

Overall, I think she did great.  And I’ll admit – I may be biased.  (ProofMore proof.)  But given the material they wrote for her, you can’t deny that she has talent.

By far, this Digital Short took the strawberry cake.  (And it’s all over the web already… late start on my part.)  Check how her impression of Kristen Stewart stacks up by watching both videos below.  If you want to see the entire SNL episode, you’re a dummy for missing it live you must have a life on Saturday nights head on over to Hulu.

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InASense, Lost… Mario and Princess Sex Tape (CollegeHumor)

Since my last InASense, Lost dealt with 4-bit pornography in video games, it’s only fitting that I bring to you this 8-bit pornography. 

WARNING: Heavy nerdy references to the Super Mario Bros. Universe… and heavy shrieking by Princess Peach.

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Happy Find… Robot Party Because The Humans Are Dead?

In honor, anticipation, and fear of desperate loathing for next week’s release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, here are some of the film’s stars in what could quite possibly be the best robot song ever…

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Well, maybe that’s the second best.  You be the judge.

(There are more tags than words in this post.  Hee hee!)