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FYI… I added a new page at the top – The Theory Sheet!

A sample:

4) The Urination Observation.  If there is any difference between the sexes “skill sets,” I bet it all boils down to boys having to aim when they pee.  This point might be argued by women that deal with any man on a regular basis, and their guy’s toilet habits.  Just because a man might not always make it directly into the porcelain basin, it does not mean they cannot piss their name in the snow.  Women, as far as I know, lack this ability (maybe in Sanskrit they can).  Because of boys needing/wanting/having to develop spacial relations the minute they lose the diaper, if there is a difference in men’s ability to drive, build, play video games, blah… it’s due to the development of wang stream control.

Samanatha in Sanskrit... it's possible to pee this, right?

Samantha in Sanskrit... it's possible to pee this, right?