This Has To Be A Recipe For Disaster

I would have sworn that Amazon was not new to the TripleDoubleU, but apparently hiding in their warehouses, there isn’t a single pervert to be found.

Scratch that. That’s exactly where they’re to be found.

It’s the head honchos and the hardware and software developers that didn’t think this Mayday Button through:

Haven’t they ever heard (even a whisper) of ChatRoulette? Those poor workers at Kindle support are in for a surprise. But then again, maybe pervs don’t own Kindles. Hopefully that doesn’t turn out to mean:


Because then I’d need to go buy a Kindle. But if I bought a Kindle now, after having this idea, I’d look like a perv. Maybe I’ll just FaceTime a stranger for their openis– er, opinion!

Awful Battle… Awesome Idea, Awful Execution

Is this an ad for a high-powered compact blender, or for swinging?  (It is called the Magic Bullet after all…)

Remember BluBlockers?  The marketers behind the HD Vision Wrap Arounds hope you don’t.

This I really want to be true.  I mean, if I did cook, I would cook with the NuWave Oven.

Does the Slim Clip really need an infomercial?

You probably have already witnessed this monstrosity of an ad for the Better Marriage Blanket, so here it is again!

Awful Battle… Which Commercial Is More Head-Scratchingly Bad?

There’s bad commercials, and then there’s bad commercials.  I’m a huge fan of the bad commercials – they’re so bad they’re great.  These are just a few to ingest and digest.

The first one on the list is flat-out distasteful, in my opinion:

This next one is hard to swallow (there are many more where this came from that are just plain weird and hella strange):

This last one is simply a rotten egg: