Happy Find… The Legend Of Neil, Season II Begins!


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Today was a great day to go back and recapture the NSFW hilarity of The Legend of Neil’s first season, since the second season has finally debuted! 

The first episode contains the back story to why Neil got drunk in the first place, and masturbated to the fairy in The Legend of Zelda, all the while autoerotically asphyxiating himself with a Nintendo controller, which inevitably sucked him into Hyrule, the world of the game.  Whew!

For the first season, click here.  For season two’s opener, the video’s after the jump, you Wizzrobe!  And make sure you pronounce Old Man correctly!

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Awful Battle… Who’s The Badder Bad Guy?

This might not be much of a battle, but it’s certainly about a pair of awful people!  Without further hesitation, allow me to introduce you to:

Thomas Midgley, Jr.

"First the atmosphere, then the world!"

"First the atmosphere, then the world!"

Powers: Mechanical engineer and chemist that attended Cornell

Crimes Against Humanity: Discovered dichlorodifluoromethane (the CFC dubbed Freon) and added tetraethyllead to gasoline (and called it “Ethyl” even though it was essentially “lead”)… We all know what CFC’s did to the ozone and what lead does to people.  According to a unnamed source on Listverse (apparently Wikipedia):

He is considered to be the man that – “had more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth’s history.”

Current Whereabouts: The ground.  He died in 1944 after getting tangled in the cords of a contraption… that he designed.

Thomas Leopold


A dose of his own radioactive medicine.

Powers: Radioactive (after being given radioactive iodine, natch)

Crimes Against Humanity: Well… the dude’s a pedophile.  He’s been charged with five accounts of downloading indecent pics of kids since 2006, and 87 prior to that, but the extra crap part is this:

In 1993 he left the banking world to set up The Tutors Group at Blythe Hall School.  It employs more than 600 staff and works with more than 3,000 children, teaching infants to A-level students study skills, essay planning and examination technique.  (via DailyMail UK)

Current Whereabouts: Unknown.  He escaped trial and was almost captured on his way to Ireland from England, but he flashed his radioactive card and they released him.  Let’s see… this happened a long time ago, way, way back in… February.  Of this year.  Yikes!


InASense, Lost… Macrophilia (Yep, It’s Sexual)

Will wonders never cease?  As in, “I wonder how this fetish developed?”

Allow me to introduce MACROPHILIA to your lexicon.  It’s not what you think.  Or it’s exactly what you think.  Anything philia usually has to deal with makin’ whoopie (sorry, now that I have cable, I’ve skimmed past an episode of the Newlywed Game, hosted by Carnie Wilson for some reason).  And macro means big, so volia!

Weird, right?

Weird, right?

Apparently, there’s a portion of men that get excited at the prospect of being stepped on by a giant woman.  Want more proof, check out this kind of NSFW site.  It’s partially about dominance, partially about foot fetishism, and partially about voreaphilia (geez!), but it’s totally… odd.

As for where the fetish originated in older gents?

Oooweee! I wish she'd step on me!

Oooweee! I wish she'd step on me!

And for future generations?

Oooweee! I hope only 'she' steps on me!

Oooweee! I hope only 'she' steps on me!

(via Atom)

Happy Find… Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)

Thank you dearly to Filmdrunk for bringing this video to my attention.  If you haven’t seen it before, you haven’t seen anything.  If I had this kind of focus, imagine what I could accomplish in this world.  Sure, I might tip over the edge of a piano with no one there to catch me, but still…

BONUS: And for Venessa, a follow up to an old Happy Find – Episodes 2 through 4 of “My Best Friend is My Penis.”  Plus Episode 1, if you missed it.

Episode 1    Episode 2    Episode 3    Episode 4

“My Best Friend’s Front Door Is My Pants Zipper” Beat Around The Bush Too Much, New Title More To The Point

Test markets always like things simplified, so Comedy Central’s comedy website, Atom, has premiered “My Best Friend is My Penis.”

Test markets are also simple, so the tale of a man and his friendly penis fits the bill nicely.  (What also fits nicely: hands in pants pockets.  What fits even more nicely: I’ll be nice and not say.)

Costars (or should I say co-people-you-might-recognize) Jonathan Togo (of David Caruso’s, I mean, CBS’s “CSI:Miami”) and Will Carlough (of my realized dreams of what rapping is, can, will, and should be all about) stated in a news release:

We aimed to pick up where movies such as “Waiting to Exhale” and “Steel Magnolias” left off… Somehow we ended up with a guy with a talking penis… This special buddy comedy takes a look at the crazy things that happen when your best friend is really your penis — including major dating issues.

Your journey into all that is “My Best Friend is My Penis” begins here

WARNING: Graphic content, as they do show his “penis.”

The TV show premiers on Comedy Central’s Atom TV December 8.

(From IMDb.)