Happy Find… 3-Minute Movies (Via Everything Is Terrible)

I’ve posted about my love of 5 Second Films before, but for those uninitiated, here’s a sample:

Well, on another favorite site of mine, Everything is Terrible, they’ve been perfecting their craft of the 3-Minute Movie edit, even though two of the most recent releases have fallen under 180 seconds.

From the Stephen Baldwin/Tom Berenger collaboration, Cutaway:

Brain-‘sploding intensity from Scanner Cop II:

And although this is not from EIT, it sums up Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen perfectly.  (NOTE: It feels long even though it’s one minute long.)

The Alternative To Bruno’s Ass In Eminem’s Face

All right.  All right!  We get it!

Isn’t Bruno irreverent?

Isn’t Eminem so angry?

Personally, I prefer Andy Samberg and “Neil Diamond” singing about guys walking away from explosions like they just don’t care.  Kind of like I did from the hot mess that was the MTV Movie Awards.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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BONUS: 10 seconds worth of 5 Second Films.

Happy Find… 5 Second Films

There’s an old math equation that discusses the value of time:


Okay, it discusses more than (‘>’ in mathese) the value of time, but whatever.  My point is that time equals money, and since there’s not enough time in the world for a good laugh, 5 Second Films is on the job and ready to help. 

Here are a few quick laughs:

(FYI: Tio = Uncle… I guessed this and I’m correcto <–guessed that too!)

(Thanks AOTS)