Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Liberal Borrowing 2013!

For those of you that are new – I call stealing something in the name of art liberal borrowing.
For those of you that knew – what didn’t you tell the new people?

My latest discovery comes in the form of Hey Rosetta’s Red Heart.  Though it’s not as cut-and-dry cut-and-paste as some of my cases, I think you’d be remit to not admit a blatant similarity to Better Than Ezra’s In the Blood.  Take a listen to the opening melody structures and meet me down below:

Okay it’s more like a liberal liberal borrowing.  Or maybe one just reminds me of the other.  Kind of like how the opening of Churchill’s Change reminds me of Dean Martin’s Sway:

Oh what do you know about anything!

Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Let’s Play Liberal Borrowing Or Homage!

It’s been a few months since I’ve championed originality in music, or as I call it whilst demonizing (rock and roll!) it – liberal borrowing.

Of the latest two occurrences, one I should have caught a while back.  The last time I mentioned Ryan Star on this blog was to pick on his name (go on – click it… it’s one of my better posts).

Needless to say, I embedded the video for his song Breathe, and I never noticed that it’s opening guitar solo sounded oddly familiar…

  • Ryan Star’s Breathe

Ringo any bells?

  • John Lennon’s Woman

I would consider it an homage if it was about the same thing.  But it’s not.  So it’s…


As for my latest find, I overheard this song playing overhead in a sports bar:

  • Lee Brice’s Hard to Love

Any other song’s intro come racing to mind?

  • Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car

What’s the verdict here – liberal borrowing or homage?


Musical Musings… More Liberal Borrowing To Report

My job is getting easier and lazier easier.  Since officially declaring my mission to be the champion of originality, I thought:

To illustrate how musical acts steal, er, liberally borrow from others, is there no better way than for me to liberally borrow previously produced mash-ups to illustrate my point?

This was stumbled upon one night while driving to the bar with friends.  The Alan Parsons Project’s Eye in the Sky came on the radio – somehow – and we noticed a striking similarity to Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now.  Here’s the work of another:

As for this one, I read about it on the TripleDoubleU, but I’d be a very sad panda if I didn’t include any mention of how Justin Bieber’s Love Me liberally borrowed the chorus from The Cardigans’ Lovefool:

Fortunately (for him), my arch-enemy Dr. Luke had nothing to do with either of these songs… Although DJ Frank E (what is it with all these tools and their stupid names) produced Bieber’s tune, and he once worked with Dr. Luke to produce Flo Rida’s highly original Right Round (which also introduced the world to Ke$ha)…  Hmmm…

I'll get you next time, Dr. Luke... Next time!

(Original songs after the jump) Read More

Musical Musings… “Liberal Borrowing” (BONUS: Sound-Alike Mystery Solved!)

"A Meeting of the Minds," er, I mean "A Meeting of Weaves and Nests"

Criminy.  In the course of working on this post (which I thought was going to be a nice break from all the work on the Final Foursome brackets – NOT!), I started to feel like Nick Cage in 8mm.  The further I started digging, the dirtier I felt… which happens when you actually dig.

And maybe I’m exaggerating my Nick Cage analogy.  Perhaps it was more of a National Treasure debacle, where one clue lead me to another, until my head started spinning.

Regardless, I stuck to it (courtesy of my stick-to-it-iveness, which bears no association with nocturnal emissions).  These are my findings…


The idea for this post was a sort of fruitful one; variations of it jumped at me from every direction.

The concept: LIBERAL BORROWING, a.k.a. STEALING, in the music business.

Ray Parker Lewis and the Electric Light News, Jr.

Chicago Green River Day

Then that lead me to…

  • …memories of the Jump controversy.  It wasn’t a scandal really, but 1984 me distinctly remembers The Pointer Sisters having to add (For My Love) to their version’s title, as not to confuse it with Van Halen’s anthem.

And then came this thought…

  • Nickelback and Mariah Carey have two (almost three) songs with the same title: Hero and Someday. Her If It’s Over is answered abruptly by their It’s Over.

Then my mind wandered to this revelation…


Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s new song, Telephone, has been driving me freaking crazy, and not for the expected reasons.

At the 3:33 mark in the NSFW extended video (or the 0:47 mark in the regular video according to other TripleDoubleU inquiries), her line:

Stop calling, stop calling, I don’t wanna talk anymore…

Sounds just like another song, the likes of which I could not think of.  I scoured the web and scrambled my brain.  I started getting Britney Spears’ 3 stuck in my head, and couldn’t get past it.

Once I found out Gaga actually wrote Telephone for Spears, the mental block worsened.  I had a feeling it was one of those backup singer hooks from all the early Aughties’ R&B hits.

I searched song lists of Mya, Ashanti, Aliyah… then it occurred to me: Ciara’s Goodies (at the 1:24 mark).

Looking for the goodies, keep on lookin’ cuz they stay in the jar…

Excitedly, I returned to the website where someone else shared my pain.

What song does Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” sound like?

I hit the “Comments” button to answer…

…and somebody else already had.

(BONUS WEIRDNESS!  Both Ciara and Lady Gaga have been rumored to be hermaphrodites!)

Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? L.I.B.E.R.A.L. Borrowing (Strikes Again!)

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to combat liberal borrowing.  (Definition here.)  But this one goes deeper than you’d think (that’s not a preview pun)…

Have you ever heard of this song by João Brasil (featuring Lovefoxxx)?

As you have seen/heard, it’s called L.O.V.E. Banana.  Sound familiar?  (This post might even give you déjà vu.)

Madonna one-ups João Brasil by featuring two additional singers (I guess she two-ups him) – Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. (whom the kids nowadays L.U.V.)…

Anychiquita, did João Brasil find his inspiration somewhere else?

So did it happen on accident (Coinkydink?) or on purpose (Coinkydonk?)…

Either way, that shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk… Where Have I Seen Or Heard That Before?

It’s been a while again, folks, and I’d like to present to you a few more occurrences of homages liberal borrowings.  If you are unfamiliar with my concept of liberal borrowing, click liberal borrowing (not this one, the previous one).

The first few I’m going to breeze through because they’re already older songs, and other people have thought the same or the artists acknowledge the similarity.

  • SOME NIGHTS BY fun. (do I really have to write it that way?) CECELIA BY SIMON & GARFUNKEL

My friend swore up and down about this one, and being the defender of originality that I claim to be, I just didn’t really hear it… until this video:

He also thinks fun.’s We Are Young shares common ground with The Beatles’ Hey Jude.  I told him to find me a sample; he’s still looking.


This one even Mr. A-to-the-Z can’t argue with… it’s on Wikipedia.

When I first heard I Won’t Give Up, I wondered why I felt like I knew its melody but not the words (by the way, does Jason Mraz realize he looks like that now?):


I’m late to this, but I only noticed because my Detroit Tigers made it as far as they did.  Otherwise, I don’t watch National League games at all.  But answer me this – notice anything?  ‘Cuz Walgreen’s did.


(SIDENOTE: This last one is my favorite.)

Does M83’s Reunion

…sound at all like the theme song to Supernanny?

Musical Musings… Save Me, Glory Days

My original post title went through a few quick revisions.  This one almost made the cut (but was cut for being questionable):

Glory Trains

Anymaxweinberg, here we meet again.  It’s another liberal borrowing claim, this time against Pat Monahan and his cronies.

Tell me what you think about the opening of Train’s latest (probable) hit, Save Me, San Francisco:

It sounds like the softer guitar version of the opening to Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days (starts at 38 second mark):

Okay, so maybe the first two noted are transcribed, or one guitar strum is skipped, but bounce back and forth between the songs.  Ignore the drum beats and listen to the guitar.

I’m calling it.  Are you?


Speaking of the glory days saving me, why don’t they use effects like the ones in these old songs anymore?

  • The opening chimes from Hall & Oates’ I Can’t Go For That:
  • The drumbeat breakdown in New Edition’s If It Isn’t Love (starts at 2:49 minute mark):

Musical Musings… Theory Of A Social Deadman Distortion

Here’s a definition for ya folks:

lib•er•al bor•row•ing /ˈlib(ə)rəl ˈbärō-iNG/
1. The act by which an “artist” uses another artist’s work as a part of their own (usually musicians)
2. Stealing

I’ve written about this subject for more than several occasions, and it still intrigues me how often it occurs.  What’s great about this latest discovery is it might restore some of my street cred, since usually the findings are about Katy Perry, Pink, or Avril Lavigne.

Is it just me, or does Theory of a Deadman’s Lowlife sound a shit-ton like Social Distortion’s Ball and Chain (at least it’s verses)?  Is it an homage?  Do they claim it’s a sequel?  Or is it liberal borrowing in full effect?

Awful Battle… Douchey Wool-Pullers

I would like to bring up a new branch of douchebags, as the post title suggests.  This group can be used as a warning signal, something we look to in order to insure it never happens again.  These are the douchebags that pulled the wool over our eyes, and tricked us into thinking they were as cool as they thought they were.

So here lies the ultimate Awful Battle… of the Douchey Wool-Pullers:


Dane Cook

Done Cooked, more like it.

I would say Cook seemed to explode on the comedy scene, but he would only spin it into some jizz joke.  Who knows how long he worked on his material?  (That doesn’t sound right either.)  Who knows why he caught on so fast?  I’ll even admit to enjoying him at the get go, and with an upcoming movie career, I believe I even hailed him as the next Steve Martin (compliment or not).  But when all the shit came out about his liberal borrowing of other comics’ bits, bits of me died for thinking Dane Cook was once cool, when really, he was a douchebag.


Scott Stapp of Creed

Scott Stop, more like it.

Really, this one is more our collective fault than anything else.  Though his level of douchebaggery may be high, his level of trickery/wool-pulling is not so.  We caught him early, mostly because he claimed to be Christian rock and wore leather pants and left his wife after having a kid and had that alleged sex tape with Kid Rock (and girl groupies) and need I go on?  I really did like Higher, My Own Prison, and With Arms Wide Open, though… what’s wrong with me?


Fred Durst

Fred Duh, more like it.

Like Stapp and Cook, he appeared out of thin air that was apparently quite chilly, since he often appeared in his puffy jacket and backwards hat.  He was quite popular from the word nookie, and was in the pop music backlash crowd that included Eminem and the Wu Tang Clan.  But soon after, his song Break Stuff became like his anthem, and he was pissing people off at Woodstock ’99 (allegedly instigating the riot which lead to some rapes), Eminem and D12, Slipknot, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears.  I also remember hearing that Durst got pissy because Aaron Lewis of Staind never thanked him for putting them on the map.  Oh yeah… he had a sex tape, too.  Gross.  It’s a shame I picked his remake of George Michael’s Faith as the greatest rock remake of an 80’s song.


Kanye West

Kanye Messed, more like it.

I still maintain that West’s The College Dropout album is one of the best I’ve ever listened to, but we all know how fool full of  himself he is.  And how much he loves his Louis Vuittons and all other fashion whatevers… gah!  That stuff bores me.  Rap about important things (Jesus Walks, All Falls Down)!  Or even fun things (Slow Jamz)!  Not designer clothes!


M. Night Shyamalan

M. Not (!) Shyamalan, more like it.

How can someone make two incredibly cool films (The Sixth Sense and yes, Unbreakable), and not only get to keep making more films, but worse and worse films!  And then… AND THEN!  He has the audacity to say we, the audience, just don’t get it!  It takes something to rank pretty high on my Scale of Fury.  He’s at Rage Level 8 (out of 10).



  • LeBron James and George Lucas

Though they may not be as cool as we once thought, they have not gone full douchebag.  They’ve come close, though.


  • Michael Bay and Brett Ratner

They never pulled any wool over anyone’s eyes.

Musical Musings… Why Do Commercials Steal Artists Songs?

When I thought about making this image, I didn't really think about what it meant.

I once was going to write about how the Proactiv commercials ripped off a Bruce Hornsby riff, but I was sidelined into exploring the curse that product has had on its bevy of attractive hawkers.

But not this time.

Throughout the years, commercials have ruined many popular songs by using them to push products.  Not only do the songs get overplayed, but they also become synonymous with that product.

For example:

Well, there’s one thing I hate more than that.  It infuriates me to the bone in such a primal way that it makes me wonder if I truly am…

an Artist!

Anyspew, I can’t stand it when commercials rip-off song riffs.

As mentioned at this post’s start, Proactiv did this in their commercials.

Here are some others that I found (the articles about):

Or did they simply commit the act of liberal borrowing?

Want to know the source of this rage?  Budweiser has a couple of radio spots currently playing in which, I believe, this song is being ripped off:

I couldn’t find the spots anywhere on the TripleDoubleU, but one is about baseball being America’s pastime, and the other is about how there is 24 happy hours across the world.

If anyone can find those for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.   I have far more ripping and riffing to do…


I’ve remembered two more…

The answer for both is of course, yes.


I once wrote about Maybelline pulling this same crap…