In My Brain While Sleeping… Virtual Boy 3D

‘Memba Nintendo VirtualBoy?

It virtually sucked. Or was this a time I could have used the word, literally?

Well, I had a dream in which there was a new game system in town – the VirtualBoy 3D!

It looked like the equipment above, except the controller was wireless, and the hard ware broke into two pieces in order to do this:

Talk about "table tennis"...

In case you don’t know what this is, and the above image falls into my category of (Not So) Artistic Representations, each half  projected the image that created the 3D game play… pretty neat, eh?

What could be even better than that?  How about the video game I dreamed about another day…

It was a game in which the major baddies throughout history are gathered by an evil time traveler, and your character is picked up by another guy from the future that’s already built a team composed of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.  I was planning on making a cover for the game, which was entitled Past President Future, but the above image took too long, and now I’m bored.

…I wish I would have made the game cover first…

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