The Sh– To Just Sh–ty… Should We Have Rules Against Hollywood Nepotism?

Mr. Me-Oh-My and the Meh Men

Not every generation is the greatest.  It could be argued that not any generation is, but who am I to say.

What I want to evaluate today are the Actors! that either breed other Actors!, pull their sibling(s) into the biz, or make it to Hollywood courtesy of extended family or heritage, and if the next of kin is up to snuff.

This idea came to light courtesy of two recent “entertainment” offerings: The Karate Kid remake, and the TV show called The Good Guys.  Is it possible that Jaden Smith and Colin Hanks are worthy (eventual) replacements for their superstar Actor! parents Will Smith and Tom Hanks?  Time will tell, but my advice is this… wait until Shiloh Joile-Pitt and Suri Cruise battle for the fate of the world.

In creating these lists, I was hard pressed to find very many instances where the remakes were better than the originals (only two, as a matter of fact – check my answers at the bottom).  What do you think?


  • Martin Sheen -> Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez
  • Beau Bridges -> Jeff and Beau Bridges
  • Bruce Paltrow -> Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Goldie Hawn -> Kate Hudson
  • Bruce Willis->Rumor Willis
  • James Caan->Scott Caan
  • Jon Voight->Angelina Jolie
  • Dom DeLuise->Peter, Michael, and David DeLuise
  • Jerry Stiller->Ben Stiller
  • Susan Sarandon -> Eva Amurri
  • Joel Grey->Jennifer Grey


  • Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Rosanna, David, Patricia, and Alexis Arquette
  • Alec, Daniel, Stephen, and William Baldwin
  • Owen, Luke, and Andrew Wilson
  • Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Eddie and Charlie Murphy
  • Bill and Joel Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray
  • Matt and Kevin Dillon
  • Hilary and Haylie Duff
  • John and Joan Cusack
  • Ben and Casey Affleck
  • Ralph and Joseph Fiennes
  • Kirk and Candace Cameron
  • Meg and Jennifer Tilly
  • John and Ellen Travolta
  • Warren Beatty and Shirley MacClaine


  • Ron Howard->Clint (brother) and Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter)
  • Henry Fonda->Jane (daughter), Peter (son), and Bridget Fonda (granddaughter)
  • Eric Roberts->Julia (sister) and Emma Roberts (daughter)
  • Francis Ford Coppola -> Sophia Coppola (daughter) and Nicolas Cage (nephew)


  • John Barrymore ->Drew Barrymore (grandfather)
  • Ernest Hemmingway->Margaux and Mariel Hemmingway
  • Bonnie Bedelia -> Macaulay, Kieran, and Rory Culkin (nephews)


  • The Wayans Family


  • James Belushi (John)
  • Joaquin Phoenix (River)
  • Kevin Farley (Chris)
  • Jason Ritter (John)


  • Donnie Wahlberg brought us Mark
  • Rosemary Clooney lead us to George

What?  Don’t tell me Donnie’s performance in the opening of The Sixth Sense was better then Marky Mark’s Funky Bunch of film work.  And of course, George = no contest.

(Did I miss any?)

One comment

  1. sgottahurt · June 15, 2010

    Talia Shire is Francis Ford Coppola’s sister, and she’s the mother of Jason Schwartzman.

    That means Nic Cage is cousins with the kid from Rushmore and Adrian from Rocky is his aunt!

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