Awful Battle… Infomercial Ideas

There are few stones left unturned in this world when it comes to new inventions and products.  Until robots or nanotechnology really take off, we’re left with these bright and shiny new ideas.


Tired of staring at ladies’ asses, and not feeling any real connection?  Then howzabout these!

Do you wish your dog would not be such an animal, and crap all over this place in public?  Then you might be interested in this for your mutt’s butt!

Tired of torturing your small yappers by forcing tight sweaters over their head?  Then you’re an idiot and you’ll love this!


  1. Venessa · September 16, 2009

    Is it a prerequisite to wear Winkers that you have a giant sized ass??

  2. sgottahurt · September 16, 2009

    It merely enhances the winking, I ass-ume.

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